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Pets?girl4vida Mar 21, 201663
Average age Dogs in Dallas get "parvovirus"villalobos.angelica06 Oct 29, 201563
Handednessmelgar.damaris Oct 23, 201563
MTH 2750 Student Survey
MTH 2750 Student Information Survey
lmcmil02 Jan 7, 201962
Our Survey meredith.spanks8 Mar 14, 201862
If You Can Read This, Thank a Teacher- I am interested in knowing what qualities define a good teacher. I would like to know how many teachers possess this quality. Also, what qualities affect the learning process if there is more than one.
kristyna_gonzalez Apr 29, 201662
Travel Industry Survey
This survey is administered by second-year St. Lawrence College marketing students. The purpose of the survey is to gain real-life market research data. Information gathered during this survey will be written up as an infographic and used in a class presentation. What we learn from this survey will help us understand our local community. This survey should take approximately 5 minutes to complete. All results will be kept confidential and are anonymous. Raw survey data will be destroyed when the course is complete. This survey is part of course-based research that has been reviewed and cleared by the St. Lawrence College Research Board (REB). If you have any questions, please contact the course instructor, Melanie Christian, at (613) 544-5400 ext. 1814.
wiletherington1 Feb 21, 201662
Reading vs. Music
Reading vs. Music
enumangene Oct 21, 201562
Transportsergio247 Dec 4, 201462
ES Project 1 Summarizing Data
This data will be used for various problems throughout the semester. Only the instructor will have your name. This is used for grading purposes.
cspellmann1 Aug 31, 201861
Housingsancheztony94 Dec 13, 201461
Caffeine Consumptionsusienurse10 Sep 9, 201960
Driving and Gas Surveybrinehart005 Jul 23, 201960
TLC Attendance population for males and females
Who goes to the TLC more for Math or English, Males or Females.
bluemken Mar 20, 201960
Bryce Tipton Data Project
This is a survey for my statistics class!
btipton17 Oct 9, 201760

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