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STAT 201 Fall 2016
This survey is for use in STAT 201 Lab 2 Fall 2016.
ballou.murphyAug 4, 2016open1074
STAT 201 Fall 17, 2015open821
Random Questions of Interest
For our Statistics class, we have created this survey to analyze responses related to questions of interest from our friends, peers, and family members.
jweekes9Mar 9, 2015open572
Body Piercings kkahm214@flagler.eduOct 28, 2014open476
Soda Survey
Hello, My Statistics group and I would love for you to answer our survey questions for a class project. Thank you so much!
krelbonMar 10, 2015open414
The Influences of Social Mediakeedwards@mix.wvu.eduMar 9, 2015open286
Students Study Habits vs. Students Partying Habits
We're creating a survey to test the amount of days a student goes out compared to how many hours that person studies a week to see how that effects a student's GPA.
cbgordon@mix.wvu.eduMar 10, 2015open232
Pet Ownership and Allergy Problems
This survey is to determine if owning pets can cause your allergy problems to worsen. Please fill out multiple surveys for any of your family members (ex children and spouses) that also live with you.
hailey.brandon@outlook.comSep 23, 2015open220
Differences in Age Between Friends at Duquesne University
Does the age of a Duquesne University student affect the age of his/her friends? (i.e. - a 20 year old being friends with other 20 year olds)
spainm@duq.eduMar 30, 2016open215
Nightlifetmweber406Mar 10, 2015open189
Good Hygiene Survey
The main aim of carrying out this survey is to investigate if we are practising good hygiene.
mnalnuaimiMar 19, 2015open187
Fitness in The Lives of Americans krpeck@mix.wvu.eduMar 10, 2015open181
Drinking Habits
Group 24 Survey.
srmalone@mix.wvu.edusApr 7, 2016open179
Working For the Weekendbmpeasley@mix.wvu.eduNov 4, 2015open179
What makes you buy a pair of gym shoes?
This is a survey for a stats 201 class. If you could please answers the questions accurately and to the best of your ability.
kijackson655Mar 6, 2015open167

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