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Scatter Plot Graph lesson 6aquillam08Sep 15, 2019174B0
Family Heights-Faith Kimmel
I am unsure how to make one graph using all four columns of data (mom, dad, kids) I have watched the training videos and played around with this for an hour. I would like to know how to combine this information into one graph with each member a different color.
faith.white_36Sep 15, 2019174B1
Bar Plot With Dataapapou40Sep 11, 2019174B2
Bar Plot With Data Demographics for Homeless SurveyjmstephenSep 9, 2019174B19
Bar Plot With SummarycpwalkerSep 5, 2019174B3

Summary statistics:

ColumnnMeanVarianceStd. dev.Std. err.MedianRangeMinMaxQ1Q3
Class A550133.60555131.6124515501045554951
Class B55050022.3606810506020804060
Summary Stats
pdbevellSep 5, 20192KB2
Frequency Histogram/Shape & Distribution
Stat 227S
triciargSep 4, 2019174B10
Bar Plot With Summarytlheath1Sep 3, 2019174B2
Bar Plot With Summary
chapter 1/3 quiz question 13
samanfee5578Aug 30, 2019174B9
Histogram 8/30/19kapiha.aslanianAug 30, 2019174B7
Leaf Length HistogramgrapefruitdieselAug 20, 2019174B11
Frequency Histogram of Leaf LengthgrapefruitdieselAug 20, 2019174B11
Household Size vs. Total GarbagegrapefruitdieselJul 28, 2019174B16
Hours per Week at Work vs. Hour per Week on SchoolworkgrapefruitdieselJul 28, 2019174B18
Hours per week at work vs. Hours on schoolworkgrapefruitdieselJul 28, 2019174B9

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