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Alex Ramirez Lab 1 Part e - Relative Frequency Bar Chart
a national survey was conducted on how many times do people go out and eat for dinner. the survey was asked in the form of never,rarely,sometimes,most of the time,and always. in addition, these results were put into relative frequency form with never being .182, rarely being .254, sometimes being .365, most of the .165 , always being .035. the graph is as follows:
gueroalx95Sep 30, 2019174B19
Alex Ramirez Lab 1 Part d - Frequency Bar Chart
a national survey asked people how often do they eat out for dinner.450 people responded to never.628 people responded to rarely.904 people responded most of the time.and 87 people responded to always. out of all the respondents on the survey, most people said that they sometimes eat out with a value of 904.
gueroalx95Sep 28, 2019174B23

Control chart results:

Error: the maximum subgroup size of 25 has been exceeded
R chart
Chart result Error: the maximum subgroup size of 25 has been exceeded
mrsamazing112Mar 2, 2019115B65
Keesha Ruffin Freq Dist Chart-lab one
The freq bar chart represents a survey of a sample size of (total number in sample (add all numbers)) # said they never eat out. #said they rarely eat out... In summary it appears that # people is the largest group in my survey who responded that they eat out majority of the time. In contrast the lowest group in my survey...
keesharuffin1Mar 2, 2019174B59
Segmented Bar Chart 2b158bc0248597445baa47184d6098166a_moodleblti_ualbertJan 24, 2019174B98
Bar Chart for Hours Per Day Watching TVmwolflaSep 8, 2018174B80
Bar Chart for Voted in 2004mwolflaSep 8, 2018174B111
Bar Chart for Subjective Class IdentificationmwolflaSep 8, 2018174B98
4. Bar Chartkulpinski.m01Sep 5, 2018174B85
Q2d: Bar ChartjenevafordMay 9, 2018174B125
Demographics gender bar chartkegan0221Apr 8, 2018174B142
Demographics gender chartkegan0221Apr 8, 2018174B135
gender demographic bar chartkegan0221Apr 8, 2018174B143
Bar Plot With Data
This bar chart shows the opinion of students who think school performance is compromised when a student works while attending college or not.
msimons375Mar 20, 2018174B190
Bar chart curtisgcurtis5522Mar 20, 2018174B179

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