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Simple Linear Regression - QQ PLOT for CARATsmksiplonMar 14, 201619KB255
Simple Linear Regression - RESIDUALS CARATmksiplonMar 13, 201621KB187
Simple Linear Regression - QQ PLOT CARATmksiplonMar 13, 201623KB228
Simple Linear Regression - HISTOGRAM CARATmksiplonMar 13, 201624KB230
Carat regressiontim.foyleMar 12, 201619KB103
Bar Plot With Data
This bar graph shows that majority of students do not own any pets. We can also see that the same amount of students who own 2 pets is equal to the amount of students who own 3 pets.
azcarateraMay 19, 201510KB192
Pie Chart With Data
In this pie chart, we can see that majority of students have 3 siblings and the least amount of students have 4 or 5 siblings.
azcarateraMay 19, 201537KB125
Frequency table results for Handed:
Count = 21
HandedFrequencyRelative Frequency

Frequency Table
This frequency table shows that 18 students (about 85%) are right-handed, 2 students (about 10%) are left-handed, and only 1 student is ambidextrous.
azcarateraMay 19, 2015907B171
Pie Chart With Datafreepraz2012Mar 29, 201486KB281
Scatter Plot carat to price by clarity3eddie3macApr 29, 20096KB306
Scatter Plot carat to price by clarity2eddie3macApr 29, 20097KB330
Carat Vs PricejsbaderApr 20, 20092KB203
Scatter Plot of price/carat wtfedd2507%scApr 23, 20072KB153
Scatter Plot-diamonds price/caratthomasdavid%scApr 19, 20072KB149
Assignment: Diamond Carat vs. Pricemjoswald%scNov 27, 20062KB203

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