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Energy Boxplotkatherinegarcia96Feb 19, 2018174B1
Boxploth.demarco@live.comFeb 19, 2018174B1
Boxplotwoo10kdFeb 19, 2018174B1
Boxplot for N2 (age first began drinking coffee)tracycoanFeb 18, 2018174B1
Boxplotjasminemurgo958Feb 18, 2018174B1
Boxplot N2 with outlier fencestracycoanFeb 18, 2018174B2
Boxplotheeneysu@kean.eduFeb 18, 2018174B1
Boxplotshivmacri@gmail.comFeb 18, 2018174B1
Boxplot HW#1 Femal PRs onlydjmossman87Feb 18, 2018174B1
Boxplot for monthly salary by major
The distribution of monthly salary varys with each major with managment being the lowest and accounting being the highest overall. The mean and median stay close together for the most part.
kali.wallace@limcollege.eduFeb 18, 2018174B3
Boxplot for monthy salary
the monthly salary is distributed very evenly in the center. Q1 sits at 3555 and Q3 is 4440.
kali.wallace@limcollege.eduFeb 18, 2018174B7
Boxplotdjmossman87Feb 18, 2018174B2
BOXPLOT. number of hours of sleep
woo10kdFeb 18, 2018174B3
Result 4: Boxplot of amount of times alternative therapy was used over last 3 monthsdmgcannella@yahoo.comFeb 18, 2018174B8
Boxplot for hours of sleepaug262014Feb 17, 2018174B2

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