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for 2008 NFL draft picks per state
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Map Spread of NFL Draft Picks for 2008marzrod10Feb 17, 20109KB909
2008 NFL Draft Picks per State
The categorical variable that I chose were all of the States and the numerical variable I used was the number of draft picks in each State. For the majority of the States, only a couple of draft picks came from each state, whereas in states with a higher population such as Texas, Florida, California, and New York these states produced more draft picks.
ahoovjrNov 10, 20093KB916
Simple linear regression results:
Dependent Variable: Draft picks
Independent Variable: Pop (millions)
Draft picks = -0.10938959 + 0.8473506 Pop (millions)
Sample size: 51
R (correlation coefficient) = 0.8618
R-sq = 0.7426501
Estimate of error standard deviation: 3.3623004
Parameter estimates:
Parameter Estimate Std. Err. DF T-Stat P-Value
Intercept -0.10938959 0.6318798 49 -0.17311771 0.8633
Slope 0.8473506 0.07125822 49 11.891268 <0.0001

Analysis of variance table for regression model:
Source DF SS MS F-stat P-value
Model 1 1598.5616 1598.5616 141.40225 <0.0001
Error 49 553.9482 11.305064
Total 50 2152.5098
NFL Draft Pick Linear Regression
09walkbOct 16, 20082KB1503
2008 NFL draft picks for each state per one million residentswebsterwestMay 5, 20088KB1368
2008 NFL draft picks per million populationwebsterwestMay 3, 20088KB989

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