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for Statistical Survey: Who would you rather sit by? Nunez, Jose
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Two sample proportion hypothesis test:

p1 : Proportion of successes (Success = Lebron James) for Sit By where Gender="Male"
p2 : Proportion of successes (Success = Lebron James) for Sit By where Gender="Female"
p1 - p2 : Difference in proportions
H0 : p1 - p2 = 0
HA : p1 - p2 ≠ 0

Hypothesis test results:
DifferenceCount1Total1Count2Total2Sample Diff.Std. Err.Z-StatP-value
p1 - p216191922-0.02153110.1106954-0.194507630.8458
Two sample proportion hypothesis test, Male vs Female
j.nunez45May 23, 20192KB62
Boxplot, Who you would rather sit by.j.nunez45May 23, 2019174B39
Histogram, Money per year, Lebron james
Median 10000, Mean 11371.429
j.nunez45May 23, 2019174B38
Histogram, Money, Trump
Median 19225, mean 24908.33
j.nunez45May 23, 2019174B37
Scatter Plot: Money Per Year and Age, Who would you rather sit by.
Grouped by "Old" Vs "Young". Old being above 22 years of age. Who
j.nunez45May 23, 2019174B36

Summary statistics for Money Per Year:

Group by: Sit By
Sit BynMeanVarianceStd. dev.Std. err.MedianRangeMinMaxQ1Q3
Lebron James3511371.4291.2395092e811133.3251881.8754100004500004500050015000

Summary Stats for Yearly Salary
Grouped by who each person would rather sit by in a plane, Donald Trump or Lebron James.
j.nunez45May 15, 20192KB48
Scatter Plotrob.reevesMay 14, 2019174B18

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