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Pie Chart question 7kegan0221Apr 18, 2018174B101
stacked box plot for 6 and 11kegan0221Apr 17, 2018174B89
Do you think the condition of the environment will be better, worse or about the same for the next gkegan0221Apr 9, 2018174B127
question 10 bar graphkegan0221Apr 9, 2018174B105
from the year 1900 to now, what do you believe has been the change in the global average in degreeskegan0221Apr 9, 2018174B95
question 12 histogramkegan0221Apr 8, 2018174B109
question 7 pie chartkegan0221Apr 8, 2018174B85
Question 11 catergorical pie chartkegan0221Apr 8, 2018174B67
Summary statistics:
ColumnModenMeanVarianceStd. dev.Std. err.MedianRangeMinMaxQ1Q3SumIQRUnadj. varianceUnadj. std. dev.Coef. of var.SkewnessKurtosis
Summary Stats for demographics
kegan0221Apr 8, 20182KB50
demographic age dotplotkegan0221Apr 8, 2018174B78
Demographics gender bar chartkegan0221Apr 8, 2018174B142
Demographics gender chartkegan0221Apr 8, 2018174B135
gender demographic bar chartkegan0221Apr 8, 2018174B143

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