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Seattle Monthly Rain Gauge Accumulations (2003-2017)
Monthly accumulations for Seattle Pacific University's rain gauges located throughout Seattle city limits. Each column represents the amount of water accumulated (in inches) over the past month at a different rain gauge.
statcrunch_featuredAug 1, 201816KB1053
Chirping Cricket Data for S. Lohse
Shared from set 15_ct_5 owned by StatCrunch. Original Source: George W. Pierce. The Songs of Insects. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1949, pp.12-21
slohse9395Mar 27, 2019197B1279
Graduate Admissions
The dataset contains several parameters which are considered important during the application for Masters Programs. The parameters included are : 1. GRE Scores ( out of 340 ) 2. TOEFL Scores ( out of 120 ) 3. University Rating ( out of 5 ) 4. Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendation Strength ( out of 5 ) 5. Undergraduate GPA ( out of 10 ) 6. Research Experience ( either 0 or 1 ) 7. Chance of Admit ( ranging from 0 to 1 )
brmorganteJan 15, 201912KB1043
Times World University Rankings (2011-2016)
This data comes from the annual Times magazine rankings of universities across the world. The webpage for the Times 2016 rankings is listed above in the source.
The formula for the 2016 rankings is as follows:
30% for Teaching Rating
7.5% for International Outlook Rating
30% for Research Rating
30% for Citations Rating
2.5% for Industry Income Rating.
The “Total Score” from 2016 can be recreated using this formula.

World_RankUniversity rank for a given year
University_NameThe name of the university
CountryLocation of university
Teaching_Rating Rating from a 0-100 scale of the quality of teaching at the university. This rating is based on the institution’s reputation for teaching, it’s student/staff ratio, it’s PhD’s/ undergraduate degrees awarded ratio, and it’s institutional income/ academic staff ratio.
Inter_Outlook_Rating Rating from a 0-100 scale of the international makeup of a university. This rating is based the international student percentage, international staff percentage, and the percentage of research papers from the university that include at least one international author.
Research_Rating Rating from a 0-100 scale of quality of research at the university. This rating is based on the university’s reputation, it’s research income/ academic staff ratio, and it’s production of scholarly papers.
Citations_Rating Rating from a 0-100 scale of based on the normalized average of citations by other papers per paper from the university (how often the research from the university is cited by other papers).
Industry_Income_Rating Rating from a 0-100 scale grading how much companies are willing to invest in the universities research. The rating is calculated based on the research income from businesses per academic staff member.
Total_ScoreThe final score used to determine the university ranking based on Teaching_Rating, International_Outlook_Rating, Research_Rating, Citations_Rating, and Industrial_Income_Rating.
Num_StudentsTotal number of students in a given year
Student/Staff_RatioNumber of students per academic staff member
%_Inter_StudentsPercentage of student body who come from a foreign county
%_Female_Students Percentage of student body that is female.
YearAcademic year that the ranking was released. For example, 2016 denotes the 2015-2016 academic year.
statcrunchhelpApr 5, 2016254KB4067
SNHU MAT 240 Manchester Weather (Forsberg)
This is the official data set to be used for the MAT 240 Journal Activities at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU).
o.forsbergSep 23, 201728KB1077
Local College Data
The following data is for the year 2011 for colleges and universities in the Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Variables included in the data set include the college, type of college, location of college, admissions rate, SAT scores (Reading and Math, 75th percentile), tuition and fees, average amount of financial aid, enrollment (total and undergraduate), freshman retention rate, student/teacher ratio and graduation rate (5 year).
jpalmateerSep 23, 201324KB1723
US News National University Rankings
Ranking of U.S. national universities in 2014. Variables include the ranking, university name, city, state, type (public or private), tuition in-state, tuition out-of-state, enrollment, acceptance rate, freshman retention rate and 6-year graduation rate.
websterwestSep 9, 201423KB2387
Survey: Is college worth it?
This data set was collected via a StatCrunch survey. Respondents were asked if they think college is a good financial decision, if they currently attend or have attended college, their gender and their age. Check out the original survey here: Feel free to copy this survey and use for your own data collection.
statcrunchhelpApr 10, 201422KB2322
College Worth It?
This data set was collected via a StatCrunch survey. Respondents were asked if they think college is a good financial decision, if they currently attend or have attended college, their gender and their age. Check out the original survey here: Feel free to copy this survey and use for your own data collection.
statcrunchhelpFeb 4, 201518KB10034
US Emissions of Greenhouse Gases Based on Global Warming Potential 1990-2007 Energy Information Administration.xls
U.S. Emissions of Greenhouse Gases, Based on Global Warming Potential, 1990-2007 Units are Million Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent Report #: DOE/EIA-0573(2007) Released Date: December 3, 2008   Next Release Date: November 2009 P = Preliminary Note: Data in this table are revised from the data contained in the previous EIA report, Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in the United States 2006, DOE/EIA-0573(2006) (Washington, DC, November 2007). Sources: Emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide EIA. Emissions of HFCs, PFCs, and SF6, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, preliminary data. Global Warming Potentials: United Nations, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Climate Change 2007 - The Physical Science Basis (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2007)
deathbysteveoMay 26, 2009813B2542
Class Seating vs Grade
From Body Image Data Set: "A student survey was conducted at a major university. Data were collected from a random sample of 239 undergraduate students". Variables: Gender - Male or Female, GPA - Student's cumulative college GPA. GPA is then converted to Grades (where, 4.33 = A+, 4.00 = A, 3.67 = A-, 3.33 = B+, 3.00 = B, 2.67 = B-, 2.33 = C+, 2.00 = C, 1.67 = C-). Seat - Typical classroom seat location (Front & Back)
mallirhea86Oct 26, 20182KB3921
Cell Phone OLI
Math Math SAT score Verbal Verbal SAT score Credits Number of credits the student is registered for Year Year in college (1=Freshman, 2=Sophomore, 3=Junior, 4=Senior) Exer Time (in minutes) spent exercising in a typical day Sleep Time (in hours) spent sleeping in a typical day Veg Are you a vegetarian (yes, no, some) Cell Do you own a cell phone (yes, no) Cell Phones College students at a large state university completed a survey about their academic and personal life. Questions ranged from "How many credits are you registered for this semester?" to "Would you define yourself as a vegetarian?" Four sections of an introductory statistics course were chosen at random from all the sections of introductory statistics courses offered at the university in the semester when the survey was conducted, and the 312 students who completed the survey were students registered in one of the four chosen sections. In this exercise, we will use a subset of variables from the survey and use the collected data to answer three questions. Note that (1) these are real data, and (2) the symbol * in the worksheet means that this observation is not available (this is known as a "missing value").
corp_richardMay 2, 20168KB1304
1st: helium football
Datafile Name: Helium football Datafile Subjects: Sports Story Names: Helium football Reference: Lafferty, M. B. (1993), "OSU scientists get a kick out of sports controversy, "The Columbus Dispatch (November, 21, 1993), B7. Authorization: Contact authors Description: Two identical footballs, one air-filled and one helium-filled, were used outdoors on a windless day at The Ohio State University's athletic complex. Each football was kicked 39 times and the two footballs were alternated with each kick. The experimenter recorded the distance traveled by each ball. Number of cases: 39 Variable Names: Trial: Trial Number Air: distance in yards for air-filled football Helium: distance in yards for helium-filled football
phil_larsonSep 13, 2012359B1094
Responses to Is college worth it?
This data set was collected via a StatCrunch survey. Respondents were asked if they think college is a good financial decision, if they currently attend or have attended college, their gender and their age.

Check out the original survey here:

Feel free to copy this survey and use for your own data collection.

scsurveyApr 24, 201222KB857
Professor Median Salaries by Discipline, Level, and Institution (2012-2013)
This data comes from the source listed above. The webpage gives the following description "These are the results of the 2012-13 Faculty in Higher Education Salary Survey by Discipline, Rank and Tenure Status in Four-Year Colleges and Universities conducted by The College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR). Findings reflect the salaries of 184,924 tenured/tenure-track faculty members at 794 institutions nationwide. Salaries were reported by 794 institutions, including 478 private institutions and 316 public institutions, for 31 academic disciplines"
The dataset originally was created by Keisha Brown from Georgia Perimeter College. Each salary is the median salary based on the responses to the survey.
statcrunchhelpMar 14, 201612KB938

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