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Christmas tree sales: Real vs. Fake 2004-2016
This data set contains the number of real and fake Christmas trees sold in the US between 2004 and 2016.
statcrunch_featuredNov 13, 2018398B4767
YMS 4-25 Seed Production of Trees
Gives Data on the mean number of seed produced in a year by common tree species and mean weight in milligrams.
lakestatsOct 23, 2007459B217
Forest scientists are concerned with the decline in forest growth throughout the world. One aspect of this decline is the possible effect of emissions from coal-fired power plants. In particular, the scientists are interested in the pH level of the soil and the resulting impact on tree growth retardation. The scientists measure various aspects of growth associated with trees in a specified region and the soil pH in the same region. The scientists then want to determine impact on tree growth as the soil becomes more acidic. An index of growth retardation is constructed from various measurements taken on the trees with a high value indicating greater retardation in tree growth. A lower value of soil pH indicates a more acidic soil. Twenty tree stands which are exposed to a particular power plant emissions are selected for study. The dataset UMFGrowthpH.txt contains the variables SoilpH and GrowRet. You are to build a linear regression model predicting GrowRet from SoilpH.
gailllangeNov 14, 2016391B225
Exercise 17.34 Trees
Data provided by Jason Hamilton, University of Illinois. The study is reported in E. H. DeLucia et al., "Net primary production of a forest ecosystem with experimental CO2 enhancement," Science, 284 (1999), pp. 1177-1179. Note that resampling methods cannot remove the variation due to random sampling of the original data. no method for inference can be trusted with n=3. In this study, each observation is very costly, so the small n is inevitable.
bbeardAug 11, 200870B131
Table 3.4 Seeds
Data from many studies compiled in D. F. Greene and E. A. Johnson, "Estimating the mean annual seed production of trees," Ecology, 75 (1994), pp. 642-647.
bbeardAug 11, 2008224B71
Trees: Heights and Diameters
Hieght = Height of Tree Diam = Diameter of Tree
ds-9039%scAug 11, 2008106B68
Exercise 21.28 Forest trees
Statistical Society of Canada, 2001 case study II. Original publication F. He and R. Duncan, "Density-dependent effects on tree survival in an old-growth Douglas fir forest," Journal of Ecology, 88 (2000), pp.676-688.
bbeardAug 11, 200861B46
STAT 205-problem 6.35
Tree diameter in cm of nine American sycamore trees from Samuels, M. L., and Witmer, J. A. (2003), Statistics for the Life Sciences, 3rd Ed., Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall; Example 2.19.
ds-7515%scAug 11, 200881B29
I am doing research for a tree in my yard. And although the data is for New York, it gives me an idea of the size and density of various trees.
jenning6Jan 18, 201717KB9
NYC_TreesshleeSep 25, 201616KB87
Treesds-9217%scAug 11, 2008322B29
Treesds-9242%scAug 11, 2008322B27
3exR3.4cherrytrees.xlsbenjamin.tackettAug 23, 2017226B26

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