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Average College Graduate Debt by State
Average debt of U.S. college graduates after attending four-year (or more) institutions, broken down by state.
pixelwitSep 20, 20161.020B1618
Student Debt by State 2009-10, 2012-13
Student debt by state, 2009-10, 2012-13, for graduates of public colleges and universities of 4 years or more.
treilandAug 21, 20152KB546
Mod 3 Randomization Discussion
2. What p-value did you get in your randomization? Explain in the context of the problem what the p-value means. The P-value I got was 0.1883. What this means is that approximately18.8% of the 3000 random simulations proportions were below or exceeded past the original mean data of -2816.06 of the female loan difference. (Note: the original data is not negative it is simply showing the mean difference was greater with the female loans than the males) 3. Do you think the data support the null hypothesis of no difference in mean student loan debt between males and females or the alternate hypothesis that there is a difference? Explain your answer. H0: µ(male) = µ(female); Null Hypothesis. Although the p-value is showing 18.8 % of proportions that were below or exceeded the original mean data, I think the data supports a null hypothesis. Due to not having enough sufficient evidence based on these data and that even though the original mean data showed a difference, there is not a huge enough difference for the null hypothesis to say this is an alternative hypothesis.
blackr2Apr 6, 2018928B86
Student Debt Public and Private by State
Average student debt of 2011-2012 college graduates by state in public and private 4-year and more institutions.
treilandSep 1, 20143KB158
SCSU Student Loan DebtklarcherMay 6, 20194KB11
college student debtsguptaumaFeb 14, 20133KB67
Lathrop Student Debt by State
IL avg for 2016 = $29,271
matthew.lathropJun 18, 2018137B9
student-loan-debt-avearge-by-state-map-2017-11onyechnwFeb 6, 20181KB5
Responses to Student Loan Debtkcombs0090Apr 3, 20132KB70
CollegeStudentDebtPublic.csvbchtownJul 15, 20144KB50
CollegeStudentDebtPublic.csv.csv.webarchivebchtownJul 14, 20144KB32
CollegeStudentDebtCombined.csvbchtownJul 16, 20143KB25
CollegeStudentDebtPublic.csvandre874Jul 14, 20144KB22
Average Student Loan Debt by State Class of 2018treilandSep 1, 20182KB7

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