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SPC STA2023 Spring 2019 Data Set
These data were collected from 9 class sections on Gibbs campus of St. Petersburg College in spring 2019 semester.
weidemanc114Dec 10, 201917KB693
Absences vs Grade(Marks)
Number of absences versus grade (marks) of Economy Subject among SMK Melawati Students
musaqimDec 10, 2019435B28
Punta Gorda December Hi Lo Temps
Punta Gorda December actual Hi and Lo temps (degrees F)
m.smith96Dec 10, 20191KB2
Hand Washing Methods 136
Bacteria counts on hands after washing with prescribed methods in randomized experiment.
kfoongDec 9, 2019227B34
Tattoo and HepC 136
HepC gives whether individual tests positive/negative for Hepatitis C. Comm is individual has tattoos from commercial tattoo parlor, Else is tattoo from somewhere other than commercial parlor, None implied has no tattoos
kfoongDec 9, 201963B22
Favorite Breeds Frequency
top favorite dogs composed from data from jhante for practice frequency table. observed frequency is "made up" data from Jhante is set as expected.
acsegsworthDec 6, 20195KB49
Edward Lipchus MA181 final exam data. Data are gasoline receipts for my 2006 Ford Focus SXW.
trilsysDec 5, 20192KB55
Average Female Height, by Age
This data used as an example for review of logarithmic regression.
kcramerDec 3, 2019200B186
Car Details 2019 Models
This data set contains info on the 2019 models of widely sold cars. MSRP stands for Manufacture Suggested Retail Price, and MPG stands for Miles Per Gallon.

This data set was originally uploaded to StatCrunch by the parasami user.
statcrunch_featuredNov 13, 201921KB604
PRRS Vaccine Final
A researcher was testing the effectiveness of vaccines on the swine disease called PRRS. The researcher randomly split a group of 650 swine into 13 groups of 50 swine. Each group was randomly assigned to one of 4 treatment groups. Each treatment group was given the specific treatment and was then injected with the PRRS virus. The results show the number of swine that test positive for PRRS 30 days after infection.
mariebuseDec 2, 2019127B52
Section 7.3 Widespread Pain Index vs Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia
20 patients were asked to describe their pain on the widespread pain scale (WPI) x: (WPI) where 0 = not area of pain and 19 = all body regions have pain. y: diagnosed with fibromyalgia. 1 = positive diagnosis
profddavisDec 1, 2019174B66
Major League Players Elected to Hall of Fame as Players
Includes 2019 BBWAA-elected inductees Mariano Rivera, Edgar Martinez, Roy Halladay, and Mike Mussina. 31 variables for each player. Team=primary team; BBWAA=Baseball Writers Association of America; Bat: R=right, L=left, B=both; WAR=Wins Against Replacement: number of wins the player added to the team above what an "average" replacement player would add. CS=caught stealing. OPS=On-base Plus Slugging; as a rule of thumb, a "good" OPS is a value that when divided by 3 results in a value that would be considered a "good" batting average. Other variables are hopefully self-explanatory.

This data set was originally uploaded to StatCrunch by the treiland user.
statcrunch_featuredNov 13, 201937KB252
US Presidential Data
This data set gives information on the US Presidents from 1789-2019. The following data is included: College, Religion, Number of Children, Age at Inauguration, Year of Inauguration, Date at Death, Political Party, and Occupation

This data set was originally uploaded to StatCrunch via the khoffman2014 user.
statcrunch_featuredNov 13, 20193KB330
2019 Ketchikan Silver Salmon Derby Weights
Silver salmon weights for the 2019 Ketchikan Silver Salmon Derby that occurred during the weekends between August 17, 2019 to September 2, 2019.
gerald.scarzellaDec 1, 20194KB30
Professor Salaries 2018-2019
This data came from the following website: Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Salaries

Included are the average salaries for tenured/tenure-track faculty from the 2018-19 Faculty in Higher Education Survey conducted by The College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR). Findings detailed aggregate salary information from 847 institutions for 171,487 full-time tenure-track faculty in the US. Columns indicate the type of professor, with "All" referring to any type, "Research" being professors who primarily research, "Other Doctoral" being non-research professors with a doctoral degree, and "Master's" being non-research professors with a Master's degree.
statcrunch_featuredNov 8, 20197KB374

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