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Times World University Rankings (2011-2016)
This data comes from the annual Times magazine rankings of universities across the world. The webpage for the Times 2016 rankings is listed above in the source.
The formula for the 2016 rankings is as follows:
30% for Teaching Rating
7.5% for International Outlook Rating
30% for Research Rating
30% for Citations Rating
2.5% for Industry Income Rating.
The “Total Score” from 2016 can be recreated using this formula.

World_RankUniversity rank for a given year
University_NameThe name of the university
CountryLocation of university
Teaching_Rating Rating from a 0-100 scale of the quality of teaching at the university. This rating is based on the institution’s reputation for teaching, it’s student/staff ratio, it’s PhD’s/ undergraduate degrees awarded ratio, and it’s institutional income/ academic staff ratio.
Inter_Outlook_Rating Rating from a 0-100 scale of the international makeup of a university. This rating is based the international student percentage, international staff percentage, and the percentage of research papers from the university that include at least one international author.
Research_Rating Rating from a 0-100 scale of quality of research at the university. This rating is based on the university’s reputation, it’s research income/ academic staff ratio, and it’s production of scholarly papers.
Citations_Rating Rating from a 0-100 scale of based on the normalized average of citations by other papers per paper from the university (how often the research from the university is cited by other papers).
Industry_Income_Rating Rating from a 0-100 scale grading how much companies are willing to invest in the universities research. The rating is calculated based on the research income from businesses per academic staff member.
Total_ScoreThe final score used to determine the university ranking based on Teaching_Rating, International_Outlook_Rating, Research_Rating, Citations_Rating, and Industrial_Income_Rating.
Num_StudentsTotal number of students in a given year
Student/Staff_RatioNumber of students per academic staff member
%_Inter_StudentsPercentage of student body who come from a foreign county
%_Female_Students Percentage of student body that is female.
YearAcademic year that the ranking was released. For example, 2016 denotes the 2015-2016 academic year.
statcrunchhelpApr 5, 2016254KB4072
US News National University Rankings
Ranking of U.S. national universities in 2014. Variables include the ranking, university name, city, state, type (public or private), tuition in-state, tuition out-of-state, enrollment, acceptance rate, freshman retention rate and 6-year graduation rate.
websterwestSep 9, 201423KB2389
Top Rated Jobs 2014
This data is gathered from and is available in it's original form at the source listed above. The dataset originally was created by Keisha Brown from Georgia Perimeter College.

Ranking Ranking from 0 to 200 based on the combined “Overall Rating”
JobTitle for the job.
Median Annual IncomeBased on Bureau of Labor Statistics
Overall RatingCombined rating based on income, stress, hiring outlook, and work environment. The lower the rating the better rated the job.
Stress RatingA rating from 1 to 200 estimating the overall stress level from the job. This essentially is a ranking with 1 being the least stressful job and 200 being the most stressful job.
Hiring Outlook Rating A rating from 1 to 200 estimating the overall stress level from the job. This essentially is a ranking with 1 being the best hiring outlook and 200 being the worst hiring outlook.
Work Environment Rating A rating from 1 to 200 estimating the overall stress level from the job. This essentially is a ranking with 1 being the best work environment and 200 being the worst work environment.
statcrunchhelpMar 14, 20169KB2943 rankings of 2010 college football recruiting classes
Rank Scout ranking
School School name
Commits Total number of committed recruits
Conf Conference
Points Total scout recruiting points
Top 100 Recruits from Scout Top 100
5 star Number of 5 star recruits
4 star Number of 4 star recruits
3 star Number of 3 star recruits
Off Offensive recruits
Def Defensive recruits
SpT Special teams recruits
HS Recruits from high school
JC Recruits from junior college
Avg Average recruit star rating
websterwestFeb 1, 20106KB1079
Violent Crimes by State State Rankings -- Statistical Abstract of the United States VIOLENT CRIMES 1 PER 100,000 POPULATION -- 2006 [When states share the same rank, the next lower rank is omitted. Because of rounded data, states may have identical values shown, but different ranks. Cautionary note] Cautionary note about rankings The ranks in some tables are based on estimates derived from a sample(s). Because of sampling and nonsampling errors associated with the estimates, the ranking of the estimates does not necessarily reflect the correct ranking of the unknown true values. Thus, caution should be used when making inferences or statements about the states' true values based on a ranking of the estimates. As an example, the estimated total (average, percent, ratio, etc.) for State A may be larger than the estimates for all other states. This does not necessarily mean that the true total (average, percent, ratio, etc.) for State A is larger than those for all other states. Such an inference typically depends on --among other factors-- the size of the difference(s) between the estimates in question, and the size of their associated standard errors. In other tables, the ranks are based on a complete enumeration of the target population, or on complete administrative reporting from the population. In such cases, sampling is not used, and there is no sampling error component in the estimates. Still, care should still be taken when making inferences or statements based on the rankings. The table values may still exhibit nonsampling error originating from such sources as coverage problems (missing units or duplicates), nonresponse, misreporting, and others. Last Revised: September 27, 2011 at 09:43:17 AM
phil_larsonJan 16, 2013881B3431
Firearms Deaths per 100,000 by State
Most recent data from State rankings and rate of firearm deaths per 100,000 residents.
mshelly33702Aug 29, 20102KB712
NHL Attendance by Season (2001-2014)
This data set contains the attendance figures for every NHL team for the seasons ending in 2001 through 2014. The variables include the season, ranking (by home average attendance), home games, home total attendance, home average attendance, away games, away total attendance, away average attendance, total games, total attendance and total average attendance. The data set also contains the percentage capacity for home games, away games and total games.
statcrunchhelpSep 26, 201425KB550
Zagat Restaurant Ratings
This dataset has information on the Zagat Restaurant rankings for restaurants in New York City and on Long Island.
jpalmateerMay 28, 20143KB688
Revenue rankings for men's college basketball teams
This data set ranks all 73 BCS teams in terms of their men’s basketball revenue reported in 2009, and calculates a ‘ratio’ between that team’s revenue relative to the national mean.
mystatlab1Mar 22, 20112KB581
Forbes - America's Best Colleges, 2010
Here are the top 100 schools from a list of 600 undergraduate institutions. Ranking is based on the quality of the education, the experiences of the students and how much students achieve.
cdcummings12Aug 12, 20104KB441
Bang for the buck city rankings
Ranks of various cities in a number of areas. Do the ranks for any two areas appear correlated?
websterwestDec 8, 20097KB437
Academic Ranking of top 100 World Universities - 2009
For the methodology see
websterwestJan 5, 20108KB322
Are you ready for some football?
This data set contains a listing of all teams that were ranked in the top 25 of the AP college football poll at the beginning or the end of the 2006 season. The preseason and final ranking for each team is given along with the total number of points for each team in the preseason and final polls. There were a number of underrated teams in the preseason poll with my alma mater Arkansas being one of them.
websterwestAug 29, 2007830B327
30 Private Law School Tuition
This is the data is shows the tuition as well as the class size for 30 of the top 100 private law schools in America in 2013. The data is from
astra028Jun 2, 20132KB409
FIFA World Cup Players
In 2010 the world was abuzz with interest over the FIFA World Cup of Soccer tournament. Going into the tournament 32 national teams were ranked by FIFA based on their results in FIFA recognized games. Better teams receive lower rankings (number 1 is the best team). In general we might not expect soccer players to be exceptionally tall, since being tall does not necessarily give someone an advantage the way it would in a sport like basketball. However, one position where height might make a difference is at the goal keeper position. A taller goal keeper might be able to reach out farther to stop the ball. One might wonder if better teams have larger more physically imposing goal keepers. To explore this question we might examine a scatterplot of the height of the goal keepers and their team’s rankings.
statrogJul 23, 201049KB493

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