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Professor Salaries 2018-2019
This data came from the following website: Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty Salaries

Included are the average salaries for tenured/tenure-track faculty from the 2018-19 Faculty in Higher Education Survey conducted by The College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR). Findings detailed aggregate salary information from 847 institutions for 171,487 full-time tenure-track faculty in the US. Columns indicate the type of professor, with "All" referring to any type, "Research" being professors who primarily research, "Other Doctoral" being non-research professors with a doctoral degree, and "Master's" being non-research professors with a Master's degree.
statcrunch_featuredNov 8, 20197KB410
Survey Title: Working Women: Work & Sleep Focus group: Working women. Purpose: To correlate the amount of sleep working women obtain, and level of refreshment) to the amount of hours worked, per week. Data collection method: Social media, in person, telephone, electronic texting, e-mail, and telephonic. Appendix: Contains raw data collected, per contributing person
lorriefrenchMar 28, 20194KB1077
Professor Median Salaries by Discipline, Level, and Institution (2012-2013)
This data comes from the source listed above. The webpage gives the following description "These are the results of the 2012-13 Faculty in Higher Education Salary Survey by Discipline, Rank and Tenure Status in Four-Year Colleges and Universities conducted by The College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR). Findings reflect the salaries of 184,924 tenured/tenure-track faculty members at 794 institutions nationwide. Salaries were reported by 794 institutions, including 478 private institutions and 316 public institutions, for 31 academic disciplines"
The dataset originally was created by Keisha Brown from Georgia Perimeter College. Each salary is the median salary based on the responses to the survey.
statcrunchhelpMar 14, 201612KB961
Exam Incentives
Will cash incentives increase students test scores? A college professor conducted an experiment to examine that idea. A group of 20 volunteers from the professor’s class participated in the experiment. Students were informed that they would receive compensation for taking an exam over the material from the professor’s class. Students were told to do the best they could on the exam. The 20 students were randomly assigned a dollar amount for their compensation that ranged from $1 to $50.
statrogJul 26, 2010278B1313
Flu Vaccine Survey:part 2 assignment:Confidence Intervals
Project for Statistics MAT 215 with Professor Racquet. Analysis of Flu Vaccine Survey second project step with confidence intervals. Christine
catlvNov 17, 20145KB847
Professor McBride, here you will find group one's completed and combined data set for the coffee survey. Please be gentle. :-)
melissbaiJan 28, 201618KB550
Lab 7 Data
This data was complied by Professor T. Reiland of North Carolina State University.
burgin.billMay 22, 20195KB94
MAT215-Professor Racquet-Group 3
Group 3 Survey results for statistics project
claudinesMay 20, 2015451B167
Roller Coaster Data
This data was complied by Professor T. Reiland of North Carolina State University.
jpalmateerJun 3, 20176KB1198
Professors Pay
Reference: \"Faculty Compensation and Benefits Committee.\" (1993, April). Ohio State University
Authorization: free use
Description: Average salaries for professors at the top 50 universities of the Association of American Universities. Salaries of full, associate and assistant professors at these universities are provided. 1992-1993 data from Clark University are not available; 1991-1992 salaries were substituted.
* Note that the \"Big Ten\" has 11 schools in it (since Penn State joined the original 10 schools)
Number of cases: 50
Variable Names:
University: Name of the university
CIC.institutions: 1 if in the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (the Big Ten* plus University of Chicago); 0 if the university is not in the CIC
average.salary: Average salary for all professors at the university assuming that the proportions of faculty in each rank are the same as those proportions at the Ohio State University Average salary for full professors at the university in 1992 Average salary for associate professors at the university in 1992 Average salary for assistant professors at the university in 1992
ds-12%scAug 11, 20082KB355
YMS 1.29
Professor Moore's driving time between work and home, hours
lakestatsSep 16, 2007201B139
Average Salaries of Professors
Average salaries (in thousands of dollars) of professors at the top 50 universities in the U.S. from 1993 separated by Big 10 and not Big 10 schools.
ds-12%scAug 11, 2008393B109
Homework Problem 14.9 The Prof
Professor Moore swims 2000 yards regularly in a vain attempt to undo middle ago. Here are his times (in minutes) and his pulse rate (in beats per minute) after swimming for 23 sessions in a pool.
ds-17322%scAug 11, 2008294B81
Exercise 25.29 Diabetic Mice
Data provided by Corinne Lim, Purdue University, from a student project supervised by Professor Joseph Vanable.
bbeardAug 11, 2008370B51
mat240-Kristin Randall run times.xlsx
Professor, can you please help me? I'm trying to create a histogram with my run times (var1 is running with a double stroller and var2 is running alone). But when I click on graph-histogram, the "var" options do not appear under "select column" and I am not able to create my histogram. Thank you.
kristin.randallApr 21, 2016390B26

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