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Car Details 2019 Models
This data set contains info on the 2019 models of widely sold cars. MSRP stands for Manufacture Suggested Retail Price, and MPG stands for Miles Per Gallon.

This data set was originally uploaded to StatCrunch by the parasami user.
statcrunch_featuredNov 13, 201921KB646
Lab 1b Data
Car Data: MPG, Cylinders, Displacement, Horsepower, Weight, Acceleration, Origin, Type.
burgin.billAug 27, 201917KB539
Powerball Lottery Results.csv
List of PowerBall numbers drawn with payouts and dates
hbarker2Sep 27, 201642KB928
Improving Reading Ability
Results of an experiment to test whether directed reading activities in the classroom help elementary school students improve aspects of their reading ability. A treatment class of 21 third-grade students participated in these activities for eight weeks, and a control class of 23 third-graders followed the same curriculum without the activities. After the eight-week period, students in both classes took a Degree of Reading Power (DRP) test which measures the aspects of reading ability that the treatment is designed to improve. Number of cases: 44 Reference: Moore, David S., and George P. McCabe (1989). Introduction to the Practice of Statistics [Two sample t-test , Summary statistics]
Treatment Whether student participated in activities (treated) or not (control)
ResponseScore on Degree of Reading Power test
statcrunchhelpSep 4, 2014527B1502
2017 Fuel Economy Data w Weight & Power - No Hybrids.xlsx
2017 model cars sold in U.S. Subset of original data from EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality. Removed all trucks, SUVs, and hybrids. Also skipped duplicate vehicles (e.g., 4-dr and 2-dr of same model). Added vehicle weight, hp, torque, and number of passengers.
len.cabreraSep 2, 201790KB879
Academic Progress Rates
Academic Progress Rates (APR) 2004-2005 to 2012-2013 for football, men's basketball, women's basketball, baseball in the 10 Division 1 football conferences: the "Power Five" (Atlantic Coast, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12, Southeast) and Conference USA, Mid-American, Mountain West, Sun Belt, and American Athletic (formerly the Big East). All Division 1 men's lacrosse APR's are also included.
treilandMay 16, 2014398KB592
Corruption Perception Index
The Corruptions Perceptions Index from 2002 through 2010 for countries around the world. Since 1995, Transparency International has published an annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) ordering the countries of the world according to "the degree to which corruption is perceived to exist among public officials and politicians". The organization defines corruption as "the abuse of entrusted power for private gain". A higher score means less (perceived) corruption.
websterwestDec 10, 20108KB586
J Pribe auto-mpg.xlsx
The data set covers 12 years of vehicles and contains 398 individual entries. The data describes popular consumer vehicle’s miles per gallon (MPG), the number of engine cylinders, total engine size (displacement), engine horsepower, the vehicle weight, a measure of acceleration (0-60 MPH time), the model year of the vehicle (1970-1982), a coded identifier for the place of origin, and the make and model of the vehicle. MPG, number of cylinders, engine size, horsepower, weight, acceleration time, and model year are all numerical values. The vehicle origin, full name, make, and model are categorical. This data was chosen to meet the assignment requirements, and because cars are cool. *Origin data code: 1=USA, 2=Europe, 3=Japan. The "car name" variable was broken into additional make and model variables to ease analysis, a change from the original data set.
jpribeFeb 16, 201932KB509
NHL game summaries for the 2013-2014 season
For each game, the variables include month (Month), day of the month (Day), year (Year), day of the week (DayOfWeek), attendance (Attendance), visiting team (Visitor), visiting team score (VisitorScr), home team (Home), home team score (HomeScr), whether the game ended in overtime or a shoot out (O/S), name of the winning goalie (WinGoalie), the name of the payer who made the winning goal (WinGoal), visiting team shots on goal (VisitorShots), visiting team power play goals (VisitorPowerPlayGoals), visiting team power play opportunities (VisitorPowerPlayOpp), visiting team penalty minutes (VisitorPenaltyMInutes), home team shots on goal (HomeShots), home team power play goals (HomePowerPlayGoals), home team power play opportunities (HomePowerPlayOpp) and home team penalty minutes (HomePenaltyMInutes).
statcrunchhelpOct 14, 2014117KB531
Responses to Nuclear Power Survey
This data set is made up of responses to a nuclear power survey conducted on the site in April of 2011. Respondents were asked to rate their concern about the long term impact of the nuclear power disaster in Japan (Concern), whether or not they support the development of nuclear energy (Support), their age (Age) and their political affiliation (Party).

Check out the original survey here:

scsurveyApr 28, 20117KB507
Power Plant Emissions by State
The Carbon Dioxide Emissions Factor is measured in pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per megawatthour. The composition columns show the percentage of the state’s total generation in 2004 by source. Carbon is measured in tons per capita (not carbon dioxide). The data are based on production, not consumption.
cdcummings12May 13, 20091KB319
Hydrology Run Off
A.) Quantitative Variables: chemical consontrations in mg/L B.)Run off plots were collected in upward slopping 2X2 meter plots. Samples were collected after each rain fall. The supernate of each sample was presurved in phenylmercuric acetate (PMA) before shipment to Duke University for analysis. Each sample was tested for F, Cl, NO3, & SO4 by filtering through a .45 millipore filter to analize via ion chromatography. NH4 was analized by an auto analizer. Ca, Mg, Na, & K were analized by atomic spectrometry absorbsion. Total N and Total P, were analized by autoanalyzer after persulvated digestion. In 1990 samples were centrifuged at New Mexico State University before shipment to Duke University. Creosotebush zones plots (C)in Caliche area (CALI) were about 40 meters upslope from C-CALI NPP sites and in areas of termite studies (TERM), which were located about 300 meters west of the Upper Trailer. Grassland (G) plots at Mt. Sufferford (SUMM) were upslope of the power lines, and about 30 meters west of the southwest corner of the IBP exclosures on the USDA Jornada Experiment Range. Abriviation Key: TERM=+/- tremite cresotebush plots CAL or C-CALI= caliche cresotebush plots SUMM or G-SUMM= Summerford grassland plots IBPE or I-IBPE= exclosure grassland plots C1-C4= plots where termites were present T1-T5= plots where termites were removed by use of chlordane K1-K4= C-CALI plots I1-I4= G-IBPE Plots *CONTAM= not analized due to sample contamination
por_queMar 9, 201844KB114
LCCC-Table 3.1 Powerboats
I felt it interesting that there were so many manatee deaths by motorboats.
burton_russJan 29, 2010385B118
lab2b.txt59220f77a89849b8a86ed12016810b7d_moodleblti_ualbertOct 11, 201910KB13
Global Health Data for 86 developing countries
CONTR = % contraception prevalence for women (2005-2009 mean data) GDP = Gross Domestic Product per capita by Purchasing Power Parities (in international dollars, fixed 2005 prices). 2005 data. AGE = The average age, in years, of first marriage for women. 2005 data. MORT = Infant mortality. The probability that a child born in a specific year will die before reaching the age of one, if subject to current age-specific mortality rates. Expressed as a rate per 1,000 live births. 2005 data. SCHOOL = Mean years in school (women 25 and older). 2005 data. TFR = Children per woman (total fertility): Total fertility rate is the number of children that would be born to each woman with prevailing age-specific fertility rates. 2005 data.
glangkampFeb 8, 20123KB265

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