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Year of 800 pennies from a local bank, sampled in 2011 (which is why frequency for 2011 is low).
anderson_instructorOct 29, 20184KB1495
300 penny ages to be treated as a population
jph422Oct 4, 20072KB553
500 Random Samples of sizes 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100 taken from the population of 300 penny ages (pennies.xls).
jph422Oct 4, 200713KB436
pennies data.csv
This is a list of the dates listed on 359 pennies.
hbarker2Mar 2, 20162KB262
Pennies Data
section 8.1
kwager2014Sep 2, 20193KB189
Other Pennies Data
The Central Limit Theorem
kwager2014Sep 2, 201919KB133
36 Coin homework assignment
This assignment was to find 36 coins from a random sample and record the year they were minted. This random sample came from change I found in the coin purse, book bag, and my truck. The sample consisted of 22 pennies, 4 quarters, 6 dimes, and 4 nickles. The shape of the graph is non-symmetric and skewed to the right. It consists of two highest peaks between the years of 1990 and 2010.
bronxfan7Oct 6, 2010298B385
Ages of Pennies
In this activity, we used 200 pennies to find population mean and standard deviation and then sampling distributions of means (n = 5) and (n = 10).
lscott14Oct 13, 20172KB39
S19-Percent of 20 pennies before 1983
24 random samples, with replacement, of 20 pennies from PENNYAGES data set of 800 pennies.
anderson_instructorMar 18, 2019121B5
Age of Coins--Class Example
The ages of 25 pennies, 25 nickels, 25 dimes, 25 quarters. Create box plots for this data and compare the distributions.
southstatsSep 13, 2007267B101
Mean Weights of Pennies31292688_ecollege_rmumlpSep 15, 2016281B251
Nicole and Andrew 21 Penniesmonaco1996Apr 30, 2019253B6
pennies with melvinm.smith96Apr 30, 2019138B6
Math 1123 Pennies FinalpperrySep 7, 20172KB285
Infected Computer/Pennies Data -Juan and Joeljuancho_95May 20, 2019311B4

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