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Alcohol percentage, calories and carbohydrates for a 12 ounce serving of various U.S. domestic beers.
websterwestFeb 27, 20084KB2858
Alcohol consumption per capita for a number of countries
Alcohol consumption per capita is the estimated amount of pure ethanol, in liters, of total alcohol consumed per adult (15 years and older) in a country during a calendar year. Data include consumption of beer, wine, and spirits. Beer includes barley, maize, millet and sorghum beer. Other beverage categories, such as palm wine, vermouths, cider, and fruit wines may also be included. This data is from 2003.
websterwestJan 8, 200910KB944
Using % Alcohol to Predict Calories in Beer - S. Lohse
This data set was edited to remove the two low outliers, as directed in the homework assignment referencing this data set.
slohse9395Sep 21, 2017861B539
ECO252: Unstacked Data for In-Class Analysis of Beers Brands.xlsx
Characteristics of beer brands, national versus regional brands
keith_coxFeb 4, 20138KB585
Annual Beer Consumption Per State Per CapitawebsterwestJan 7, 2009727B1423
Beer LargeppoconnoAug 22, 20186KB915
Beer LargerlambFeb 6, 20175KB2106
YMS Exercise 14.6 Beer and Blood Alcohol
blood alcohol level after drinking
lakestatsMar 31, 2011177B785
Statistics Project Data.xls
A survey taken at Fate Brewing in Boulder to collect data on Favorite beer styles: Hefeweizen, IPA, Stout, Pilsner, and Ale. I surved 15 males and 15 females. I also collected information on the price point (most they were willing to pay) for a 16oz US Pint of their favorite beer.
18499729_ecollege_frccmlpJul 29, 2013513B182
Beer Largemcack1Feb 7, 20176KB747
Alcohol Content Vs. Calories - Tyler Baer
Beer is a common beverage that the public drinks whether it’s a night out on the town, casual dinner, sporting events, or even enjoying a relaxing night at home. I picked this data because I was curious to see the difference between the amount of alcohol content of each beer compared to the number of calories as well. Is the increase of calories in beer also the reason for the increase in alcohol content? Or vice versa?
tbaerFeb 18, 20182KB281
Ex. 23.7 BAC
The EESEE story "Blood Alcohol Content" describes a study in which 16 student volunteers at The Ohio State University drank a randomly assigned number of cans of beer. Thirty minutes later, a police officer measured their blood alcohol content.
bbeardAug 11, 2008149B170
Lathrop Beer Consumption
Total national beer consumption (in billions of liters).
matthew.lathropApr 4, 2016376B65
Beercecil_collegeFeb 2, 20176KB540
X ACC-YMS Exercise 14.6 Beer and Blood Alcohol
I found this interesting because I really like to drink beer.
cford39Jan 26, 2015167B77

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