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Alcohol consumption per capita for a number of countries
Alcohol consumption per capita is the estimated amount of pure ethanol, in liters, of total alcohol consumed per adult (15 years and older) in a country during a calendar year. Data include consumption of beer, wine, and spirits. Beer includes barley, maize, millet and sorghum beer. Other beverage categories, such as palm wine, vermouths, cider, and fruit wines may also be included. This data is from 2003.
websterwestJan 8, 200910KB1081
Alcohol percentage, calories and carbohydrates for a 12 ounce serving of various U.S. domestic beers.
websterwestFeb 27, 20084KB3145
WHO Health Data v4.xlsx
Country Country, Region WHO_region, AlcConsumption Total (recorded + unrecorded) adult (15+ years) per capita consumption projected estimates for 2008_2008 BAC_limit Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) limit for drivers - general - 2011, bednet Women that slept under a bednet last night (%), bednet_yr bednet Year, drinkWater_R Population using improved drinking-water sources (%)_Rural_2011, drinkWater_U Population using improved drinking-water sources (%)_Urban_2011, healthcenters Total density per 100 000 population: Health centres, healthposts Total density per 100 000 population: Health posts, Hiv_AidsDeaths Deaths due to HIV/AIDS (per 100 000 population)_2011, HivAdults Prevalence of HIV among adults aged 15 to 49 (%)_2011, hospital_yr hospital Year of data collection, hospitals Total density per 100 000 population: Hospitals, LifeExp_60_F Life expectancy at age 60 (years)_Female_2011, LifeExp_60_M Life expectancy at age 60 (years)_Male_2011, LifeExp_Birth_F Life expectancy at birth (years)_Female_2011, LifeExp_Birth_M Life expectancy at birth (years)_Male_2011, NumRegVehicles Number of Registered Vehicles Nursing_Midwives, Nursing_and_midwifery_personnel_density__per_1000_population_, Physicians Physicians_density__per_1000_population_, pollution Outdoor air pollution (Annual PM10 [ug/m3]), polYear Year, RegVehYear Year, rural_hosp Total density per 100 000 population: District/rural hospitals, sanFacility_R Population using improved sanitation facilities (%)_Rural_2011, sanFacility_U Population using improved sanitation facilities (%)_Urban_2011, seat_belt_drivers Seat-belt wearing rate (%) Driver only_2011, sex_work_syph Sex workers with active syphilis (%), sex_work_syph_yr sex_work_syph Year of data collection, spec_hosp Total density per 100 000 population: Specialized hospitals, Tobacco_S_F Current smoking of any tobacco product (age-standardized rate)_Female_2009, Tobacco_S_M Current smoking of any tobacco product (age-standardized rate)_Male_2009, Tobacco_Y_F Current users of any tobacco product (youth rate)_Female_2010, Tobacco_Y_M Current users of any tobacco product (youth rate)_Male_2010, TrafDeathRate Estimated road traffic death rate (per 100 000 population)_2010, TrafDeaths Estimated number of road traffic deaths _2010, UVradiation UV radiation_2004.
swhardyDec 6, 201531KB9348
Alcohol data from adults
My group and I design a survey to find out among the adult who drinks , why they drink, their age, education level and how many drink they have per day. The data was gathered individually and put together into statcrunch by one member of the group. This survey shows the number of drinking adults and what motivate them to drink. Our survey question is below. 1. Do you Drink Alcohol? Circle one: Y N 2. What is your age?____years 3. What is your gender? Circle one: Male Female 4. Are you having an increasing number of A. Financial problems B. family problems C. Work problems D. Health problems E. Financial and family problems F financial, health and family problems G. Family and work problems H. Financial, Family, and work problems I. none of the above Circle one. 5. How many drinks do you have a week?_____ drinks 6. Education: What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed? If currently enrolled, mark the previous grade or highest degree received. A. No schooling completed B. Nursery school to 8th grade C. 9th, 10th or 11th grade D. 12th grade, no diploma E. High school graduate - high school diploma or the equivalent (for example: GED) F. Some college credit, but less than 1 year G. 1 or more years of college, no degree H. Associate degree (for example: AA, AS) I. Bachelor's degree (for example: BA, AB, BS) J. Master's degree (for example: MA, MS, MEng, MEd, MSW, MBA) K. Professional degree (for example: MD, DDS, DVM, LLB, JD) Circle one. ----- Original Message ---- Sent on:Tuesday, May 22, 2012 11:46 PM Hi. It looks good. Change: 2. What is your gender? Circle one: Male Female Other to2. What is your gender? Circle one: Male Female Other Since I do not think you will get someone answering as Other. In #3, I forgot another option:3. Are you having an increasing number of A. Financial problems B. family problems C. Work problems D. Financial and family problems E. financial and family problems F. Family and work problems G. Financial, Family, and work problems H. none of the above Circle one.
rosesegeJun 21, 20129KB5437
Mean Blood Alcohol Level
A random sample of 25 drivers is tested on a stretch of a highway that is notorious for the number of accidents caused by driving while intoxicated. Provide a 95% confidence interval estimate for the population mean alcohol level of this stretch of highway. Also provide a written interpretation of the confidence interval.
craig_slinkmanApr 13, 2011211B835
Using % Alcohol to Predict Calories in Beer - S. Lohse
This data set was edited to remove the two low outliers, as directed in the homework assignment referencing this data set.
slohse9395Sep 21, 2017861B689
Maryland Number of Drug and Alcohol-Related Intoxication Deaths by County of Incident, 2007-2013
Cited from the source: "Drug and alcohol-related Intoxication death data is prepared using drug and alcohol intoxication data housed in a registry developed and maintained by the Vital Statistics Administration (VSA) of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH). The methodology for reporting on drug-related intoxication deaths in Maryland was developed by VSA with assistance from the DHMH Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) and the Maryland Poison Control Center. Assistance was also provided by authors of a 2008 Baltimore City Health Department report on intoxication deaths. Data in this table is by incident location, where the death occurred, rather than by county of residence."
statcrunchhelpMar 9, 2016849B484
Bottles of Alcohol Solution (Fluid Ounce Quality Control)
Data were simulated and represent 25 bottles of an alcohol solution randomly selected from a manufacturer's distribution center. Each value represents the amount of fluid ounces of alcohol in a randomly selected container. The manufacturer claims the amount of alcohol is normally distributed with a population mean of 12 fl oz and standard deviation of 0.2 fl oz.
dlozimekMar 8, 2018220B476
imported vodka in NC
This file contains a list of the imported vodka available in North Carolina. In North Carolina hard liquor is sold only by the Alcohol Control Board through ABC stores. Prices are set and do not vary.
statrogMay 29, 201411KB368
Survey From adults in college and in out patient t(x) about depression, drug and alcohol abuse, and incarcerations.
listd1Nov 26, 20194KB12
Data on 312 patients with primary biliary cirrhosis, an autoimmune disease that slowly destroys the liver. Patients were randomly assigned to a treatment group that received the drug D-penicillamine or to a control group that received a placebo to see if D-penicillamine would increase their survival time or decrease the level of bilirubin (causes jaundice) in the blood. The liver normally controls the level of bilirubin, but a damaged liver is not able to maintain a healthy level of bilirubin in the blood. Cirrhosis of the liver can also be caused by alcoholism, but primary biliary cirrhosis is an autoimmune disease not caused by alcoholism. This data was published in Counting Processes & Survival Analysis, by T.R. Fleming and D.P. Harrington, 1991, New York: Wiley; Appendix D. The data were collected at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.
anderson_instructorJan 28, 201523KB961
Sleep Study
The data were obtained from a sample of students who did skills tests to measure cognitive function, completed a survey that asked many questions about attitudes and habits, and kept a sleep diary to record time and quality of sleep over a two week period. Source: Onyper, S., Thacher, P., Gilbert, J., and Gradess, S., ‘‘Class Start Times, Sleep, and Academic Performance in College: A Path Analysis,’’ Chronobiology International, April 2012; 29(3): 318–335. Thanks to the authors for supplying the data. Gender: 1 = male, 0 = female ClassYear: 1 = first year,...,4 = senior LarkOwl: Early riser or night owl? Lark, Neither, or Owl NumEarlyClass: Number of classes per week before 9 am EarlyClass: Indicator for any early classes GPA: Grade point average (0 - 4 scale) Number of classes missed in a semester CognitionZscore: Z-score on a test of cognitive skills PoorSleepQuality: Measure of sleep quality (higher values are poorer sleep) DepressionScore: Measure of degree of depression AnxietyScore: Measure of amount of anxiety StressScore: Measure of amount of stress DepressionStatus: Coded depression score: normal, moderate, or severe AnxietyStatus: Coded anxiety score: normal, moderate, or severe Stress: Coded stress score: normal or high DASScore: Combined score for depression, anxiety and stress Happiness: Measure of degree of happiness AlcoholUse: Self-reported: Abstain, Light, Moderate, or Heavy Drinks: Number of alcoholic drinks per week WeekdayBed: Average weekday bedtime (24.0 = midnight) WeekdayRise: Average weekday rise time (8.0 = 8am) WeekdaySleep: Average hours of sleep on weekdays WeekendBed: Average weekend bedtime (24.0 = midnight) WeekendRise: Average weekend rise time (8.0 = 8am) WeekendSleep: Average hours of sleep on weekend days AverageSleep: Average hours of sleep for all days AllNighter: Had an all-nighter this semester? 1 = yes, 0 = no
shleeNov 14, 201627KB3120
Alcohol and GPA
Alcohol is number of times consumed in a typical month.
mastersondMar 1, 2016421B895
Heart Disease Deaths and Wine
There is some evidence that drinking moderate amounts of wine helps prevent heart attacks. Here are data on yearly wine consumption (liters of alcohol from drinking wine, per person) and yearly deaths from heart disease (deaths per 100,000 people) in 19 developed nations. (M. H. Criqui, University of California, San Diego, reported in the New York Times, December 28, 1994.) Alcohol Heart disease Alcohol Heart disease Country from wine deaths Country from wine deaths
ds-10519%scAug 11, 2008403B717
Alcohol and Tobacco Use in Animated Children's MoviesstatcrunchMar 12, 20092KB4942

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