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Heights of singers in the NY Choral Society in 1979. Self-report, to the nearest inch. Voice parts in order from highest pitch to lowest pitch are Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass. The first two are female voices and the last two are male voices. The original dataset included two divisions for each voice part. This dataset reports only soprano 1, alto 1, tenor 1, and bass 1 from the original dataset. Reference: Chambers, Cleveland, Kleiner, and Tukey. (1983). Graphical Methods for Data Analysis[Pooled t-test , ANOVA , Boxplot]
SopranoHeights of sopranos (in inches)
AltoHeights of altos (in inches)
Tenor Heights of tenors (in inches)
BassHeights of basses (in inches)
ds-231%scAug 11, 2008485B630
Invoices.txtppoconnoApr 7, 2018138B225
Voice Inputclikavec%scJan 23, 20073KB135

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