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Clean Cities Alternative Fuel Price Reports, ( Electricity prices are taken from EIA's Real Prices Viewer ( Notes: *Electricity prices are reduced by a factor of 3.4 because electric motors are 3.4 times as efficient (on a BTU basis) as internal combustion engines. Efficiency adjustments were not made for other fuels because they are much smaller and inconsistent. Residential electricity prices were used because most recharging events occur at home. Residential real prices were converted to $/GGEs at a conversion of 33.7 kWh per GGE (per AFDC, then adjusted for efficiency because electric vehicles are 3.4 times as efficient as internal combustion engines (per GREET 1 2012 rev2 **Propane prices reflect the weighted average of "primary" and "secondary" stations. Primary stations have dedicated vehicle services and tend to be less expensive. Secondary stations are priced for the tanks and bottles market, and tend to be more expensive. Secondary stations are over-represented in the above chart because they comprise only 56% of the propane stations registered in the AFDC but approximately 75% of the stations in the price report. For data collection methodology, please see the actual price report. The number of stations surveyed, and therefore the quality of the data, increase throughout time. The most notable increase was for the 9/1/05 report. CNG, Propane, E85, and B20 prices were median prices before 9/1/05 and mean prices after this date. Starting in the 9/1/05 issue, prices were averaged over longer periods (generally 1 month rather than 1 week). Worksheet available at Last updated 5/17/2017
ybutterworthJun 8, 20173KB51
Data for "play" at CSM MathJam. Data collected from students on various variables to exhibit different types of qualitative and quantitative data.
ybutterworthJun 5, 20172KB78
Analysis of Jose Romero Class Group 2 Survey
Analysis of Survey Results Regarding the Correlation of Caffeine, Sleep and Symptoms of Anxiety
mstabell85@gmail.comJun 5, 20174KB53
MAT215 Survey Data Group 1
Data results from survey related to Vaccinations Survey was targeted to parents in the general population. Parents were asked How many children they had, the age of their youngest child, if they allow their child to receive vaccinations, and how they rated them from very beneficial to very harmful
katrina.lay@uky.eduMay 27, 201712KB65
Responses to Organic Food
Responses to this survey were collected over the Fall of 2015. Respondents stated whether or not they had a preference for organic food, their age and their sex.
scsurveyNov 25, 201573KB2817
Responses to The future of the U.S.
This data set was collected via a StatCrunch survey. Respondents were asked if they felt optimistic about the future of the USA, their political affiliation, gender and age.

Check out the original survey here:

Feel free to copy this survey and use for your own data collection.

scsurveyJan 8, 201335KB1158
Incident Data for Traffic Tickets
These data are from a survey of traffic violations; participants could report on up to 4 incidents. Had Ticket: 0 = No, 1 = Yes; Tickets = Number of tickets received in life; Warnings = Number of warnings (i.e., pulled over but no ticket) in life; Age at incident; Reason for incident; How far over the speed limit the citation was for; Time# and Time both indicate time of day of incident; Road indicates where incident occurred; Utah = Whether incident occurred in Utah (0 = No, 1 = Yes); as well as the make, model, and category of the car.
qtpie1480Dec 2, 201018KB2291
College Worth It?
This data set was collected via a StatCrunch survey. Respondents were asked if they think college is a good financial decision, if they currently attend or have attended college, their gender and their age. Check out the original survey here: Feel free to copy this survey and use for your own data collection.
statcrunchhelpFeb 4, 201518KB5435
Responses to The First Female President Survey
This data set contains responses to a survey conducted at between November 10th and November 22nd (2010). Respondents were asked to predict the year (Year) that the first female President of the United States would be elected. Respondents were also asked to predict the candidate's party (Candidate Party). Respondents also were asked to provide their political party (Your Party), gender (Gender) and age (Age).
websterwestNov 29, 20109KB1023
Responses to Sleep survey
Respondents were asked to provide their typical bed time and the average number of hours they sleep for both weekdays and weekends. Respondents also provided their age. Try using the following new ordering (Edit > Orderings) for the bed time variables so they will be listed in the proper order in your analysis results:
scsurveyJun 2, 20119KB2197
Responses to Summer Spending Habits
Responses to a survey on the StatCrunch homepage. Respondents were asked if the state of the economy impacted their summer spending, if they traveled this summer, how many dollars they spent on travel this summer, and their age.

Check out the original survey here:

scsurveySep 13, 20118KB1378
Responses to Facebook Survey
A recent survey asked respondents if they have a Facebook account, the average number of times a day they look at Facebook, the average number of times a week they change their status, their age, if they are a student, and their gender.

Check out the original survey here:

Feel free to copy it for your own use

scsurveyMar 4, 20118KB1930
Responses to Shoe Survey
Respondents were asked how many pairs of shoes they owned, their age, and their gender.

Check out the original survey here:

scsurveyNov 2, 20118KB1744
Happiness Data from GSS.xls
These data come from the 2008 General Social Survey. A subset of 190 respondents were selected at random from the full data set. Children = number of children. Education is highest year of education (e.g., 12 = High School; 16 = Bachelors, etc.). Happy: 1 = Not too happy, 2 = Pretty Happy, 3 = Very Happy. Health: 1 = Poor, 2 = Fair, 3 = Good, 4 = Excellent. Income: 1 = Under $1000; 2 = $1000-2999; 3 = $3000-3999; 4 = $4000-4999; 5 = $5000-5999; 6 = $6000-6999; 7 = $7000-7999; 8 = $8000-9999; 9 = $10000-12499; 10 = $12500-14999; 11 = $15000-17499; 12 = $17500-19999; 13 = $20000-22499; 14 = $22500-24999; 15 = $25000-29999; 16 = $30000-34999; 17 = $35000-39999; 18 = $40000-49999; 19 = $50000-59999; 20 = $60000-74999; 21 = $75000-$89999; 22 = $90000-$109999; 23 = $110000-$129999; 24 = $130000-$149999; 25 = $150000+. Married: 0 = No, 1 = Yes. Religious: 1 = Not religious, 2 = Slightly religious, 3 = Moderately religious, 4 = Very religious.
jacobgsimonsApr 20, 20105KB2712
Responses to Relationship Status Survey
Respondents were asked if they think it's appropriate to share relationship status on websites like Facebook and Twitter (Share). They were also asked their gender and age. Check out the original survey here:
scsurveyJun 22, 20115KB1294

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