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Grouped data NSSE 2007 Sullivan 3.3
sullivan data for national survey of student engagement NSSE 2007 from section 3.3 fundamentals of Statistics
smccourt02720Sep 14, 2019119B29
Distribution of US Population
This dataset is based on the distribution of the US population. 1500 households are randomly selected to determine which region they are from in the Observed Count column. The break down of region is then compared to the Expected Count column which is based off of the percentages for each region in the year 2000 (19.0% for Northeast, 22.9% for Midwest, 35.6% for South, and 22.5% for West). This data set comes from "Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data" by Michael Sullivan.
statcrunchhelpSep 16, 2014140B530
Simple Car Data for Stats - S. Lohse
Data set from Statistics by Michael Sullivan, Chapter 2. Contains counts of cars by color.
slohse9395Aug 25, 2018176B391
Lists the 44 Presidents of the United States in chronological order.
statcrunchFeb 26, 2009390B178
Responses to Sullivan Statistics Surveymsullivan13803Sep 11, 201331KB4210
Seating Choice versus GPAstatcrunchFeb 26, 2009190B1709
Effects of ExercisestatcrunchFeb 26, 2009117B1334
Bone LengthstatcrunchFeb 26, 2009164B864
Male versus Female DriversstatcrunchFeb 26, 2009361B829
Corn ProductionstatcrunchFeb 26, 2009114B816
Hours of TVstatcrunchFeb 26, 2009125B900
Height versus WeightstatcrunchFeb 26, 2009227B739
Law Graduate SalariesstatcrunchFeb 26, 2009142B613
Age and Politics: SullivanStatsSurveyI.txt
Results of Sullivan Statistics Survey. Email me ( for questions or go to the MyLab course for Sullivan Statistics (any title).
esther.boydMar 27, 201931KB24
Effects of ExercisestatcrunchFeb 26, 2009133B581

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