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Grouped data NSSE 2007 Sullivan 3.3
sullivan data for national survey of student engagement NSSE 2007 from section 3.3 fundamentals of Statistics
smccourt02720Sep 14, 2019119B29
Sullivan_SIDUD4_04_Table_4 Colas Bone Density
Based on data obtained from Katherine L. Tucker et. al., "Colas, but not other carbonated beverages, are associated with low bone mineral density in older women: The Framingham Osteoporosis Study." American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2006, 84:936-942.
phil_larsonSep 22, 2013224B557
Distribution of US Population
This dataset is based on the distribution of the US population. 1500 households are randomly selected to determine which region they are from in the Observed Count column. The break down of region is then compared to the Expected Count column which is based off of the percentages for each region in the year 2000 (19.0% for Northeast, 22.9% for Midwest, 35.6% for South, and 22.5% for West). This data set comes from "Statistics: Informed Decisions Using Data" by Michael Sullivan.
statcrunchhelpSep 16, 2014140B530
Simple Car Data for Stats - S. Lohse
Data set from Statistics by Michael Sullivan, Chapter 2. Contains counts of cars by color.
slohse9395Aug 25, 2018176B391
Sullivan_SIDUD4_03_04_22.txt Hemoglobin in cats
hemoglobin (in g/dL) for 20 randomly selected cats
phil_larsonJan 24, 201395B241
Lists the 44 Presidents of the United States in chronological order.
statcrunchFeb 26, 2009390B178
Sullivan_SIDUD4_03_04_28.txt Entertainment spending
40 randomly selected full-time Joliet Junior College students, Fall, 2010, in dollars
phil_larsonJan 24, 2013149B105
Sullivan_SIDUD4_03_05_15.txt Dissolving vitamins
time (in minutes) for a vitamin tablet to dissolve in vinegar (to approximate acidity of the stomach)
phil_larsonJan 24, 2013312B84
Sullivan 2.1 example 3
A Physical Therapist wants to determine types of rehabilitation required by her patients. To do so she obtains a random sample of 30 of her patients and records the body part requiring rehabilitation (See Table 1). Construct a frequency distribution of location of injury.
smccourt02720Sep 5, 2019205B32
Sullivan 3.5 Boxplot Bank Interestsmccourt02720Sep 14, 201982B5
sullivan 3.4 BYU speedsmccourt02720Sep 14, 201968B4
Responses to Sullivan Statistics Surveymsullivan13803Sep 11, 201331KB4211
Seating Choice versus GPAstatcrunchFeb 26, 2009190B1710
Effects of ExercisestatcrunchFeb 26, 2009117B1334
Bone LengthstatcrunchFeb 26, 2009164B864

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