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Week 6 Group Quiz: Elderly Health Care Consumption
dlozimekJul 30, 2014192KB1331
WEEK1 QUIZ: Weight Loss and Self-Esteem
Adapted from:
dlozimekJul 25, 2014604B1055
Oil, quiz 1-1A
Expected production from oil fields in Devonian Richmond Dolomite Area of the Michigan Basin for 64 wells. Values are in thousands of Gallons expected.
lakestatsSep 4, 2008385B117
Acorns Quiz1.2A-2
Volume of Acorns (CCm) from 39 speicies of American Oaks, 28 from the East Coast, and 11 from California
lakestatsSep 15, 2009218B132
ANOVA quizlumanhNov 19, 2019118B37
ch 11/12 quizlumanhNov 12, 201965B24
Survival Times in Days grouped by Organs_Quiz 1
Patients in advanced stages of cancer were give a vitamin c supplement. Patients were grouped according to the organ affected by cancer. Survival times in days are provided in the data set.
annamartiradonna15May 13, 2019438B9
Scores for EXAM 1, Average Quiz scores for Quizzes 1-4 and Average homework scores for Chapters 1-4 for 3 STAT-113 classes
33120244_ecollege_huntmlpMar 22, 20162KB179
Data for Quiz 4
This is the data set developed for Quiz #4, Fall 2003.
ds-2617%scAug 11, 200856B56
Row 9 is the sum, Row 10 the divisors and Row 11 the estimated effects
jdlynchAug 11, 2008302B33
math 232 quiz data
Sample of 75 cell phone bills.
dianevandeusenNov 22, 2016477B210
QuizPct.xlswikipetersonJul 7, 2008222B325
quiz 2 question 1.xlsx881bef4c-7577-41b8-8cfa-b1b900d7c84f-22654_d2l_southDec 13, 201752B35
Chapter 6.1 Module Quiz HistogramshslstatNov 20, 201978B1
Quiz ResultsaugustfindlayNov 11, 20192KB42

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