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Bossanova Chevy Nova f
Fictional Data. Four brands of selt belts are compared. Each row is a different date and the number of "approximate deaths" of crash test dummies per 50 trials.
aestepaNov 13, 201926KB208
"coin toss" "Heads or Tails" "Are you Psychic?"
9c9c9a1a-3c74-4b84-b483-2f21091aacc4-102926_d2l_snhumlpOct 27, 20192KB35
Epilepsy Drug Versus Placebo
Obtained from Information: NOTE: These data were adapted and modified from its original set ( This was done for educational purposes only.
dlozimekFeb 7, 20171KB2691
UQ 2018 Survey.csv
This is a survey given to students taking PSYC1040 at UQ during Semester 1, 2018.
e.vanmanMar 20, 201816KB2288
Brain Size and Intelligence
my major is psyc and this is the only mildly interesting thing under that catagory i found
fenrirsomaJun 7, 20101KB794
Movies IMDB ranked.xlsx
Statistics for the Social Sciences, Correlation database
nicholspsychologyOct 14, 201713KB678
Statistics for the Social Sciences (Class database) (Responses).xlsx
PSY375 Student opinions and biometric database
nicholspsychologyJul 25, 201812KB435
This is the PSYC1040 file at the University of Queensland, Sem 1 2017.
e.vanmanApr 3, 201712KB1361
Brain Size and Intelligence
Willerman et al. (1991) collected a sample of 40 right-handed Anglo introductory psychology students at a large southwestern university. Subjects took four subtests (Vocabulary, Similarities, Block Design, and Picture Completion) of the Wechsler (1981) Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised. The researchers used Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to determine the brain size of the subjects. Information about gender and body size (height and weight) are also included. The researchers withheld the weights of two subjects and the height of one subject for reasons of confidentiality. Reference: Willerman, L., Schultz, R., Rutledge, J. N., and Bigler, E. (1991), "In Vivo Brain Size and Intelligence," Intelligence, 15, 223-228. [Correlation , Regression , Scatterplot]
Gender Male or Female
FSIQ Full Scale IQ scores based on the four Wechsler (1981) subtests
VIQ Verbal IQ scores based on the four Wechsler (1981) subtests
PIQ Performance IQ scores based on the four Wechsler (1981) subtests
Weightbody weight in pounds
Heightheight in inches
MRI_Count total pixel Count from the 18 MRI scans
ds-231%scAug 11, 20081KB4870
EPsy 5221 Item analysis --- Class Example
Sample data for analysis of dichotomous items. Class example. Compute item difficulties, overall alpha, alpha with each item deleted, and item total correlations.
mldOct 13, 2015281B847
Anxiety PSY5
This is a fake data set for PSY 5.
aestepaOct 17, 20197KB108
EPsy 5221 Transfromed Scores--- Problem Set 1
Compute (or look up) T scores, Z scores, deviation IQ scores, normal curve equivalents, and stanine scores
mldAug 25, 2015254B766
AYK 5.7 Kidney Stones
C. R. Charig, D. R. Wegg, S. R. Payne, and O. E. Wickham, "Comparison of treatment of renal calculi by operative sugery, percutaneous nephrolithotomy, and extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy," BMJ, 292 (1986), pp. 879-882.
bbeardAug 11, 2008107B273
A psychology grad student with a background in marketing was interested in the perception of consumers’ volume judgements of food packages. He noticed, for example, that the height of a container was a vital dimension that consumers appear to use as a simplifying visual heuristic to make a judgement about the volume of the container. As part of his project (the part you will work with), he wanted to know whether one could predict the maximum width of a food container based on its minimum width. He collected 27 typical food products (Skippy Peanut Butter, Coca Cola, Centrum Vitamins, for example). The dataset called UMFDimensions.txt has the variables we are interested in with names maxwidth and minwidth and the units for both are cm. You will build a linear regression model that would allow prediction of maxwidth of a food container from its minwidth.
gailllangeNov 14, 2016331B137
EPsy 5221 Problem Set 4, Problem 3
Predictive validity with a discrete predictor and criterion variable.
mldOct 20, 2014166B129

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