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Acid rain data
The EPA states that any area where the pH of rain is less than 5.6 on average has an acid rain problem. The pH values collected over 90 rain falls at Shenandoah National Park are given in this data set.
websterwestJul 12, 2007564B1850
Alcohol data from adults
My group and I design a survey to find out among the adult who drinks , why they drink, their age, education level and how many drink they have per day. The data was gathered individually and put together into statcrunch by one member of the group. This survey shows the number of drinking adults and what motivate them to drink. Our survey question is below. 1. Do you Drink Alcohol? Circle one: Y N 2. What is your age?____years 3. What is your gender? Circle one: Male Female 4. Are you having an increasing number of A. Financial problems B. family problems C. Work problems D. Health problems E. Financial and family problems F financial, health and family problems G. Family and work problems H. Financial, Family, and work problems I. none of the above Circle one. 5. How many drinks do you have a week?_____ drinks 6. Education: What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed? If currently enrolled, mark the previous grade or highest degree received. A. No schooling completed B. Nursery school to 8th grade C. 9th, 10th or 11th grade D. 12th grade, no diploma E. High school graduate - high school diploma or the equivalent (for example: GED) F. Some college credit, but less than 1 year G. 1 or more years of college, no degree H. Associate degree (for example: AA, AS) I. Bachelor's degree (for example: BA, AB, BS) J. Master's degree (for example: MA, MS, MEng, MEd, MSW, MBA) K. Professional degree (for example: MD, DDS, DVM, LLB, JD) Circle one. ----- Original Message ---- Sent on:Tuesday, May 22, 2012 11:46 PM Hi. It looks good. Change: 2. What is your gender? Circle one: Male Female Other to2. What is your gender? Circle one: Male Female Other Since I do not think you will get someone answering as Other. In #3, I forgot another option:3. Are you having an increasing number of A. Financial problems B. family problems C. Work problems D. Financial and family problems E. financial and family problems F. Family and work problems G. Financial, Family, and work problems H. none of the above Circle one.
rosesegeJun 21, 20129KB5437
Violent Crimes by State State Rankings -- Statistical Abstract of the United States VIOLENT CRIMES 1 PER 100,000 POPULATION -- 2006 [When states share the same rank, the next lower rank is omitted. Because of rounded data, states may have identical values shown, but different ranks. Cautionary note] Cautionary note about rankings The ranks in some tables are based on estimates derived from a sample(s). Because of sampling and nonsampling errors associated with the estimates, the ranking of the estimates does not necessarily reflect the correct ranking of the unknown true values. Thus, caution should be used when making inferences or statements about the states' true values based on a ranking of the estimates. As an example, the estimated total (average, percent, ratio, etc.) for State A may be larger than the estimates for all other states. This does not necessarily mean that the true total (average, percent, ratio, etc.) for State A is larger than those for all other states. Such an inference typically depends on --among other factors-- the size of the difference(s) between the estimates in question, and the size of their associated standard errors. In other tables, the ranks are based on a complete enumeration of the target population, or on complete administrative reporting from the population. In such cases, sampling is not used, and there is no sampling error component in the estimates. Still, care should still be taken when making inferences or statements based on the rankings. The table values may still exhibit nonsampling error originating from such sources as coverage problems (missing units or duplicates), nonresponse, misreporting, and others. Last Revised: September 27, 2011 at 09:43:17 AM
phil_larsonJan 16, 2013881B3475
Top US Problems
A Gallup survey taken in July and August 2014 asked 945 Republicans and 854 Democrats to name top U.S. problems. Only the top four responses are tabulated here: Immigration, Dysfunctional Government, Economy and Unemployment. The remaining survey responses are listed as Other.
statcrunchhelpAug 29, 201434KB626
Guatemalan Family Planning Data v2
BEST TO USE THIS VERSION BECAUSE SOME PROBLEMS HAVE BEEN FIXED. DO NOT CHOOSE - IT HAS TOO MANY CATEGORIES. This demographic and family planning data was collected by University of Maine at Farmington students in Comalapa, Guatemala in 2007 in partnership with Women’s International Network for Guatemalan Solutions (WINGS). WINGS is non-governmental organization whose mission is to create opportunities for Guatemalan families to improve their lives through family planning education and access to reproductive health services. Demographic data: gender,, civil.status, (occupation place), occ.type (occupation type), edu (education), religion, numchildren, pregtimes (pregnancy times – numeric), (pregnancy times – categorical ),Amenities: car,television,phone,bicycle, Sexual Activity: firstsex (age of first sexual experience – numeric), of first sexual experience – categorical) , everbeenpregnant, fagefirstpreg (age at first pregnancy, females only), mageatfirstchild (age at first child, males only), current.partner, Birth Control Method Awareness: awarebirthcontrol, awareCondoms, awareFemalesterilization, awareMalesterilization, awarePill, awareIUD, awareInjection, awareRhythm, agefirstlearn (age when first learned about birth control), Birth Control Information Obtained from: Healthpromoter, School, Media, Other.obtained (information obtained from another source), Birth Control Usage: everusedbirthcontrol, currusingbirthcontrol, Other Family Planning Data: comfortable (comfortable visiting family planning clinic) , delaying (opinion on delaying a first pregnancy) , spacing.pregnancies (opinion on spacing pregnancies), howlongwaitbetween (how long would they like to wait between pregnancies), limiting (opinion on limiting family size), howmanychildren (how many children would they like to have), pregplans12 (plan to become pregnant within the next 12 months).
swhardyMar 31, 201687KB452
Recovery Time
THE INTRODUCTORY STATISTICS COURSE: A SABER TOOTH CURRICULUM? George W. Cobb Mount Holyoke College After dinner talk, USCOTS Columbus, Ohio May 20, 2005 For an alternative randomization approach to this problem, see the activity at the link below:
david.zeitlerMay 18, 2011157B314
Obama and the U.S. Economy
I went around my community college and asked 50 male students "Is President Obama doing a good job of addressing the problems with the U.S. Economy?" I gave them a choice of Yes, No or Unsure. I also asked for their age just to have a little more data.
dmcmillan86Apr 17, 2012388B308
2013-2014 Medicare Part D Opioid Prescribing Data (By State)
"Prescription drug abuse is a serious and growing problem nationwide. CMS is committed to protecting Medicare beneficiaries and the Medicare Trust fund from the harm and damaging effects associated with prescription drug abuse. CMS takes this problem seriously and implemented more comprehensive strategies beginning in 2013 to address the overutilization of opioids in Medicare Part D while maintaining beneficiary access to needed medications. The Medicare Part D Overutilization Monitoring System (OMS) was fully implemented on July 31, 2013, to help CMS ensure that sponsors have established reasonable and appropriate drug utilization management programs to assist in preventing overutilization of prescribed medications . . While this data set cannot be used to identify overutilization of prescribed medications for a given beneficiary, it can be used to conduct other types of analyses of opioid prescribing and utilization under Part D. . . The data only represents only Medicare patients who elected to have Part D. It does not include prescribing for patients on Medicaid, those with commercial insurance, or self-pay patients. As a result, users of this data should recognize that it only presents a portion of a physician’s entire practice and that portion can vary significantly across physicians. However, this data does present valuable information on how physicians prescribe within in the Medicare program." **Excerpts taken from source link above** **Please note: I added the column "Region" for educational purposes.
dlozimekJan 22, 20184KB235
RSCH665 ANOVA Headphones
In class ANOVA problem for RSCH 665, Module 6.
mark.wiseJul 6, 2016159B240
Mod 3 Randomization Discussion
2. What p-value did you get in your randomization? Explain in the context of the problem what the p-value means. The P-value I got was 0.1883. What this means is that approximately18.8% of the 3000 random simulations proportions were below or exceeded past the original mean data of -2816.06 of the female loan difference. (Note: the original data is not negative it is simply showing the mean difference was greater with the female loans than the males) 3. Do you think the data support the null hypothesis of no difference in mean student loan debt between males and females or the alternate hypothesis that there is a difference? Explain your answer. H0: µ(male) = µ(female); Null Hypothesis. Although the p-value is showing 18.8 % of proportions that were below or exceeded the original mean data, I think the data supports a null hypothesis. Due to not having enough sufficient evidence based on these data and that even though the original mean data showed a difference, there is not a huge enough difference for the null hypothesis to say this is an alternative hypothesis.
blackr2Apr 6, 2018928B89
Problem 9.2.23-TjthomasOct 30, 201992B4
Random Sample of 100 I-Tunes Songs
This data set represents a random sample of 100 songs from one of the STAT 250 instructor's iTunes playlist. The time variable values are listed in minutes and seconds and the Time in minutes variable values are listed as decimals. For example, 2:30 = 2.5 minutes. Use this data set to answer Data Analysis Assignment 1, Problem 1
iizmirl2Sep 22, 201512KB1130
EPsy 5221 Transfromed Scores--- Problem Set 1
Compute (or look up) T scores, Z scores, deviation IQ scores, normal curve equivalents, and stanine scores
mldAug 25, 2015254B766
Random Sample of 98 I-Tunes Songs (2 outliers removed)
This is the updated data set to use for Data Analysis 1, Problem 1
iizmirl2Sep 22, 201512KB689
Cell Phone Provider Choice
This set displays the cell phone provider for a random sample of 92 STAT 250 students. Use this data set to answer Data Analysis Assignment 1, Problem 4.
iizmirl2Sep 22, 2015715B597

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