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Speed of light
The table below gives Albert Michelson's measurements of the velocity of light in air, made from June 5 to July 2, 1879. The given values + 299,000 are Michelson's measurements in km/sec. The number of cases is n = 100, and the "true" value is 792.4. Michelson made his measurements using devices of his own design. The early experiments, corresponding to our dataset, were improvements on methods that had been used by Foucault. For his work in this area, Michelson was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in 1907, the first American Scientist to be so honored. The data and descriptive information are based on material from "Do robust estimators work with real data?" by Stephen M. Stigler, Annals of Statistics 5 (1977), 1055-1098.
jmantheyApr 10, 2014426B395
Brinkmann Data Project 2 modified.xlsx
Common sense and physics show that heavier cars need more fuel, but exactly how does weight affect its fuel efficiency? The data set includes categorical data such as car models and country of origin as well as numerical with cylinder sizes and fuel economy (both city and highway). I am interested in this data because I am shopping for a vehicle to use for a rather long commute to work each day.
mjbrinkmannFeb 4, 20191KB45
Physics Lab1--Big Ballds-14157%scAug 11, 2008102B258
Physics Lab 4-1ds-14157%scAug 11, 2008150B190
Physics Lab 4-2ds-14157%scAug 11, 2008142B138
Physics Lab 4-3ds-14157%scAug 11, 2008142B84
Physics Lab 4-4ds-14157%scAug 11, 2008140B81

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