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MATH211 Comprehensive Assignment Data (2).xlsxyessuannekwant@yahoo.comMar 27, 20172KB50
OpenIntro ames
Description Data on all residential home sales in Ames, Iowa between 2006 and 2010. The data set contains many explanatory variables on the quality and quantity of physical attributes of residential homes in Iowa sold between 2006 and 2010. Most of the variables describe information a typical home buyer would like to know about a property (square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, size of lot, etc.). A detailed discussion of variables can be found in the original paper referenced below. Source: De Cock D. 2011. Ames, Iowa: Alternative to the Boston Housing Data as an End of Semester Regression Project. Journal of Statistics Education; 19(3). Format A data frame with 2930 observations and 82 variables. A description of all variables can be found at
yeslmcmath34Mar 14, 20171MB151
NBA roster 2017yeslmcmath34Feb 24, 201740KB368
Student Survey of Coldest Temperature they are comfortable outside in shorts or short sleeves.xlsxyesmath.ralphFeb 24, 20172KB184
Main Reason for Never Having Sexyesmath.ralphFeb 15, 2017580B232
Student Survey of Eye Color and Hair Coloryesmath.ralphFeb 13, 201770KB515
Temperatures throughout Spring Semester 2013yesmath.ralphFeb 11, 20174KB232
Module 03 Problem Session Spring 2017yesmath.ralphFeb 10, 20174KB599
Module 02 Videos Datayesmath.ralphFeb 6, 20172KB105
student survey results, sections MNOPQRyesmath.ralphFeb 3, 201717KB400
Module 02 Prob Session Spring 2017yesmath.ralphFeb 1, 20176KB913
Results from a SurveyyestmiickJan 30, 20179KB129
Math1740 data 2 variables (Amy Pearson).xlsxyespears530@gmail.comJan 18, 2017440B76
NFL Players 2016
This file lists the 2,764 NFL players for all team rosters as of July 22, 2016. Information includes jersey number, name, position, age, height (in inches), weight (in lbs), years in the NFL, college they graduated from, NFL team, position grouping (OL, QB, tailback, TE, WR, Front 7, DB, special teams), side of the football (offensive, defense or special teams), and their experience level by years played.
yesmath.ralphJan 13, 2017220KB1665
M&M's Machine Outputsyesmath.ralphDec 11, 20167KB169

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