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Typical night's sleep for my students Fall 2013
mgore@ccbcmd.eduOct 30, 2013209B556
Nursing Survey Group 1-MTH 215
Excelsior College Math 215 Nursing Survey Group 1
kendra278Apr 12, 20122KB522
Math Placement ACT-SAT
The data shows the math placement cuttoffs for different colleges as of Spring 2016. The data was collected from university web pages. Placement levels were Calculus I, One Step below Calculus (typically trig), or Two Steps below Calculus (typically college algebra).
pperry@hpu.eduOct 19, 20166KB216
experiment results from math 91 (seattle central)
experiment results from the music and reading experiment. Note: a * means missing data
jerry2piNov 7, 2012904B230
DVD Player Prices, Amazon .com 2/24/2012. For HCC Math 138 Project 1.
maltman1524Feb 25, 20121KB120
As part of the Math Leadership Corp (MLC) collaborative process, Teachers continually use student formative and summative data to improve their instructional practice and influence their colleagues through research informed coaching, co-planning, classroom observations, demonstrations and critical reflection of practice. Being part of the MLC program, Ms. Garcia’s has researched the role that questioning plays in the classroom from a students’ perspective. Using research she read from Make One Change, teach students to ask questions, she has decided to teach “students, rather than teachers, assume responsibility for posing questions”. She will gather categorical data to see if 80% of 8th grade students feel that asking questions in a math classroom is helpful and whether their is a relationship between asking questions and higher performance on math assessments. The first and second column: I found that posing and asking questions is helpful Helpful (1) just another thing to do (2) not helpful (0) I found that taking notes after discussing the questions with my peers was... Helpful (1) just another thing to do (2) not helpful (0) Third column are Interim scores Fourth column Interim scale Fifth column-- students who asked questions on Interim Sixth column-- students grades on in class assessment Seventh column -- students who asked questions on class assessment
ninibb1Jun 21, 201662KB189
Project 1 Data Set - Blenders listed on Amazon on 9/20/2011 Kitchen Applicanes, Blenders Data set inculdes, manufacturer, model, price, customer ratings, and number of ratings submitted
maltman1524Oct 9, 20113KB170
Is it Real or Fake?
Results of a coin flipping activity in MATH 2450 at Bowling Green State University. X = number of heads Y = length of longest run (of H or T) Z = number of switches (H to T or T to H)
albertcb1Dec 4, 2013730B173
3410 Fall 2014 Data
Data collected in a MATH 3410 class at Bowling Green State University.
albertcb1Sep 4, 20141KB129
Modules 7 and 8 Problem Session (Fall 2017)math.ralphOct 20, 201727KB690
Math 136 - Section 3.3 NotestberberyanOct 17, 2017243B48
Math 136 - Section 3.2 NotestberberyanOct 3, 20172KB87
Student Survey of Eye Color and Hair Colormath.ralphSep 14, 201770KB1246
Module 03 Problem Session Fall 2017math.ralphSep 13, 201728KB1644
Cleaned Student Survey Data for GHIMNOPQR.xlsxmath.ralphSep 17, 201717KB763

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