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Super Heroes
This data set originally came from the following website: It contains various physical characteristics for over 700 fictional comic book super heroes.
statcrunch_featuredAug 1, 201847KB7437
Responses to Social Media Survey
Respondents provided their most used social media application (Media App), how many minutes they spent on social media per day (Time spent), the number of times they visited social media per day (Visits per day), the number of posts they make per week (Posts per week), their gender (Gender), and their age (Age).
scsurveyOct 24, 2017196KB4068
Responses to Facebook Survey
A recent survey asked respondents if they have a Facebook account, the average number of times a day they look at Facebook, the average number of times a week they change their status, their age, if they are a student, and their gender.

Check out the original survey here:

Feel free to copy it for your own use

scsurveyMar 4, 20118KB2641
Responses to Relationship Status Survey
Respondents were asked if they think it's appropriate to share relationship status on websites like Facebook and Twitter (Share). They were also asked their gender and age. Check out the original survey here:
scsurveyJun 22, 20115KB2257
Responses to the Social Networking Survey
This data set provides the results from a social networking survey administered on the StatCrunch site between February 6th, 2009 and February 16th, 2009. Respondents were asked to provide the primary site they used for social networking and the number of times they accessed this site each week in addition to their age and gender.
websterwestFeb 16, 20095KB2137
Marvel vs. DC at the Box Office
This data set contains information on how the two comic book companies have faired at the box office. Each movie from both Marvel and DC is listed with name of the film and release date. The Domestic and Foreign gross of each film is provided in millions of dollars along with the total Worldwide gross. The Adjusted column modifies this total for inflation.
websterwestAug 23, 20144KB2932
The age of facebook users over time
The number of facebook users (in millions) in particular age groups at three time points over the last couple of years.
websterwestFeb 5, 2009210B1410
AP Statistics Predictions 2013-16
GPA = Student's Weighted GPA before beginning AP Statistics PrevMath = The highest math course the student completed at our school prior to AP Stats AP.Ave = The student's average score on the AP exams taken (if available) MathGPA = Unweighted GPA of student's work in math courses MT.MC = Students number correct (out of 40) on the multiple choice section of their midterm (MT) MT.Raw = Student's raw score (out of 100) on the multiple choice and free response sections of a previously released AP exam Locus.Aug = Student's score (out of 100) on the LOCUS diagnostic test in the beginning of the school year S1P = Student's first semester grade as a percentage S1G = Student's first semester letter grade S1F = Student's (scaled) first semester final exam grade (a.k.a. midterm test grade) S2P = Student's second semester grade as a percentage S2G = Student's second semester letter grade Ch 1-4 = Student's raw test average on ch. 1-4 Ch 1-6 = Student's raw test average on ch. 1-6 Ch 1-8 = Students raw test average on ch. 1-8 MT = Student's raw test average on the midterm Ch 1-12=Student's raw test average on ch. 1-12 (entire textbook) Mock 1 = Student's raw score on first mock exam (mid-March) Mock 2 = Student's raw score on second mock exam (late April) Mock 1&2 = Student's average on two mock exams MT&Mock1&2 = Student's average on midterm and two mock exams MT.AP = Student's converted score (1-5) on midterm Mocks.AP = Student's converted score (1-5) on average of two mock exams MT&Mocks.AP = Student's converted score (1-5) on average of MT and two mock exams ACTUAL = student's actual performance on AP exam (blank means student opted out of taking exam) MT.Resid = Actual score - Midterm score Mocks.Resid = Actual score - average Mock exam score MT&Mocks.Resid = Actual score - average midterm and mock exam score
je175Jul 5, 20169KB2157
Congress and Pizza
The Navigation book gives the number of pizza restaurants and U.S. representatives for forty states in the U.S.
bayesballMar 30, 20081KB1406
Facebook Friend Data
This data set contains information about my Facebook friends and contains the following 23 variables: 1. First Name 2. Last Name 3. Gender 4. Relationship Status 5. Birth Month 6. Birth Date 7. Birth Year 8. Age 9. Wall Posts 10. Location 11. Hometown 12. # of Movie Likes 13. Movie Likes 14. # of Music Likes 15. Music Likes 16. # of TV Likes 17. TV Likes 18. # of Book Likes 19. Book Likes 20. # of Colleges 21. Colleges 22. Facebook 23. Name
gloriajanaebaptisteFeb 16, 2013413KB1095
Woodbury Sampling
76 student responses to ... 1) Are you a smoker? 2) Do you own an iPhone? 3) How much did you spend on books and supplies for your courses this semester?
georgew49Aug 15, 20121.024B1792
Completed Facebook survey report
The following data set is the result of a facebook survey completed by several fellow students and myself. The questions asked in the survey were 1) How many friends do you have 2) How many hours per day do you spend on Facebook 3) Do you feel Facebook takes time away from your family 4) Why do you use facebook.
danielleruddJun 12, 201610KB820
Shooting Homocides International Comparison
After shooting in Aurora, CO theater that killed numerous people and injured many more, I have seen several lists showing statistics related to guns and shooting deaths. This data is a bit stale, but represents a much larger set of countries for comparison. Also rather than presenting the number of shooting deaths (which can be misleading) it works with shooting deaths per 100,000 people per year. I have inserted data from the Facebook meme that I saw about this. I don't claim that this data is correct, but it seems more complete and cites sources. I apologize in advance if you feel the timing is inappropriate. Honestly, I can't think of a more appropriate time to have documented information about this topic since it seems a national dialogue might ensue. But it isn't my intention to cause additional grief to anyone.
sbroadJul 21, 20123KB720
Hospital Length of Stay
Code Book is: Departments 1 Ophthalmology (Eye) 2 General Surgery 3 Oncology (cancer) 4 Orthopedics (bones) 5 Pediatrics (children) 6 Radiology (x-rays) Gender 0 Male 1 Female Length in Stay (days)
ctorresrApr 14, 2019978B396
Facebook Friend Data
This is the data that came from the StatCrunch Friend Data application for one 27 year old who graduated from Texas A&M University. All information that could prevent anonymity was excluded.
statcrunchhelpFeb 13, 2014575KB650

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