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As part of the Math Leadership Corp (MLC) collaborative process, Teachers continually use student formative and summative data to improve their instructional practice and influence their colleagues through research informed coaching, co-planning, classroom observations, demonstrations and critical reflection of practice. Being part of the MLC program, Ms. Garcia’s has researched the role that questioning plays in the classroom from a students’ perspective. Using research she read from Make One Change, teach students to ask questions, she has decided to teach “students, rather than teachers, assume responsibility for posing questions”. She will gather categorical data to see if 80% of 8th grade students feel that asking questions in a math classroom is helpful and whether their is a relationship between asking questions and higher performance on math assessments. The first and second column: I found that posing and asking questions is helpful Helpful (1) just another thing to do (2) not helpful (0) I found that taking notes after discussing the questions with my peers was... Helpful (1) just another thing to do (2) not helpful (0) Third column are Interim scores Fourth column Interim scale Fifth column-- students who asked questions on Interim Sixth column-- students grades on in class assessment Seventh column -- students who asked questions on class assessment
ninibb1Jun 21, 201662KB306
Michigan School Scorecards include indicators of student achievement and growth, participation in statewide assessments, and school reporting compliance objectives.
tuckeys1May 18, 2017633KB117
Problem 2.45 on homework
The National Assessment of Educational Progress asks a national sample of 17-year olds to perform same math tasks. The goal is to get an honest picture of math progress.
ds-9251%scAug 11, 2008124B85
Problem 2.45
National Assessment of Education Progress
ds-9243%scAug 11, 2008114B33
Average scores for various countries on the TIMSS 8th grade math assessmentwebsterwestApr 1, 2009755B442
Unit 5 Assessment - Waterkimberly_brehmOct 10, 2017192B319
Unit 2 Assessment - BBP vs MC SalariessaarthurSep 10, 20083KB217
Property AssessmentsstatcrunchMar 12, 2009231B77
Target Shoppers - assessment 1kisom6261Sep 28, 2011467B162
RCC MTH 242 Assessment #7remetzgerMay 22, 2018387B34
RCC Course Assessment Data #7remetzgerMay 24, 2016391B32
Statistics Data- Assessment 3susiebug_8Dec 6, 2012310B117
travel times (assessment 1)sonicmaster5000Jun 14, 200993B112
Online Student Data Spring 2013 modified assessmentbradwood556Feb 24, 20131KB92
Hispanic Latino Assessmentschn1877%scFeb 27, 2007360B68

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