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Marvel vs. DC at the Box Office
This data set contains information on how the two comic book companies have faired at the box office. Each movie from both Marvel and DC is listed with name of the film and release date. The Domestic and Foreign gross of each film is provided in millions of dollars along with the total Worldwide gross. The Adjusted column modifies this total for inflation.
36012930_ecollege_chatmlpAug 30, 20194KB719
U.S. President Ages
This is the ages of the 45 U.S. Presidents at inauguration.
chewettSep 11, 2019285B362
Fossil fuel consumption %
U.S. fossil fuel consumption as a % of total energy consumption
m.smith96Sep 10, 2019142B136
Grouped data NSSE 2007 Sullivan 3.3
sullivan data for national survey of student engagement NSSE 2007 from section 3.3 fundamentals of Statistics
smccourt02720Sep 14, 2019119B29
MLB August 2019 Batting
Year to date, as of August 18, 2019, MLB Batters statistics
lmcmath34Aug 19, 201954KB891
Percentage of children under age 5 who were underweight in 2012, based on World Health Organization standards.
scetheridgeAug 30, 2019554B371
Lab 1b Data
Car Data: MPG, Cylinders, Displacement, Horsepower, Weight, Acceleration, Origin, Type.
burgin.billAug 27, 201917KB497
S. Lohse MW pm Stats - Origami Frog Jumping Distances
Origami Frogs were folded and jumped in class. Distance, in inches, was measured to the nearest .25 inch.
slohse9395Sep 8, 2019364B68
Agricultural Land Percentages
Agricultural land as a percentage of land area for 18 North and South American countries.
scetheridgeAug 22, 2019340B217
Etheridge Tongue Twister
number of seconds to say Irish Wrist Watch tongue twister 5 times
scetheridgeAug 27, 2019166B210
S. Lohse MW 9:30 am Origami Frog Jumping
Origami frogs were folded in class using both white copy paper and newspaper. Frogs were jumped and distances recorded.
slohse9395Aug 27, 2019291B116
S. Lohse TTh 2019 Stat Class Origami Frog Jumping Distances
Origami Frogs were folded and jumped in class. Distance, in inches, was measured to the nearest .25 inch.
slohse9395Aug 26, 2019372B118
xwncc-nursing workplace
I chose this data because I find it interesting to see the number of nurses with a BSN compared to an ADN since you take the same licensing exam and in rural areas, such as ours, you are paid the same amount.
beccarhea76Aug 21, 20191KB224
Impaired Driving Death Rate by Age and Gender 2012 to 2014 All States
Rate of deaths by age/gender (per 100,000 population) for people killed in crashes involving a driver with BAC =>0.08%, 2012. 2012 Source: Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS)Note: Blank cells indicate data are suppressed. 2014 Source: Source: National Highway Traffic Administration's (NHTSA) Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS), 2014 Annual Report File. Fatality rates based on fewer than 20 deaths are suppressed.
lmcmath34Aug 19, 20196KB240
Crime in the United States 2017
Number of crimes committed in the united states by using different weapons
monaco1996May 2, 20192KB997

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