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Blood Pressure
This data set presents Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure readings for a random sample of 398 individuals from central Virginia.
nramezanSep 11, 20185KB1077
Body Temperature
This data set consists of the body temperatures of a randomly selected sample of 130 individuals.
nramezanSep 11, 20182KB1258
NFL Player Data 2016
This file lists the 2,764 NFL players for all team rosters as of July 22, 2016. Information includes jersey number, name, position, age, height (in inches), weight (in lbs), years in the NFL, college they graduated from, NFL team, position grouping (OL, QB, tailback, TE, WR, Front 7, DB, special teams), side of the football (offensive, defense or special teams), and their experience level by years played.
ppoconnoAug 27, 2018220KB1330
Fast Food Nutritional Data
The dataset was collected in January of 2017 by looking through online nutritional information provided by fast food restaurant chains. Nutrition data on various burgers, a breaded chicken sandwich, a grilled chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, french fries, and a chocolate milkshake were collected for each restaurant (when applicable). For each chain the smallest hamburger, the smallest cheeseburger, and a variety of their most well known larger burgers were selected.
ppoconnoSep 5, 201811KB1222
Body Temperature, Alexia Denson and Josiah Hendon
Data taken from the Journal of Statistics Education online data archive. That archive in turn got the data from an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. (Mackowiak, et al., "A Critical Appraisal of 98.6 Degrees F …", vol. 268, pp. 1578-80, 1992).
"Body Temp" is measured in degrees fahrenheit
"Heart rate" is the resting beats per minute
justkiyaOct 22, 20182KB272
College Football Stadiums
This dataset includes information on college football stadiums both for the FBS and FCS, along with how the teams did during the 2017 college football season.
jpalmateerSep 26, 201836KB587
Wait Times at Disney
Disney World Ride Wait Time Datasets,, Sept 2018 Wait Time (in minutes) for Pirates of the Caribbean and Splash Mountain from Jan 2012 thru Aug 2018
msullivan13803Sep 7, 201868KB803
Median sales price vs Median rent for housing in 50 cities
This data is obtained from Zillow and includes the median sales price and the median price for to rent a home in 50 cities, as of July 2018, taken from This will be an excellent data set to use to introduce correlation and regression. Can we predict the median rent in a city based on the median price of homes sold in the city? It is also a good example to discuss the effect of outliers.
rosenthiSep 11, 20181KB496
Olympic Data from 1990s
For instructional use in STAT 2070-502 at LCCC.
dpraisSep 22, 20184MB361
S. Lohse Origami Frog Jumping - Fall 2018 Update
This data represents the distance jumped, in inches, by origami frogs made by my statistics classes Fall 2018. You can find the design for the frog here:
slohse9395Aug 30, 2018553B745
Shark Attacks Worldwide
This data comes from It records data on all shark attacks in recorded history including attacks before 1800. Included is all known information on the shark attack including the date, location, information on the individual who was attacked, details on the injuries sustained by the victim, and the species of the shark
frompearsonbooksJun 20, 20161MB1718
USDA Nutrition Data
This dataset has the nutritional values per serving size for a large variety of foods as calculated by the USDA.

US Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, Nutrient Data Laboratory. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 28. Version Current: September 2015. Internet:
statcrunchhelpJan 13, 2016832KB1590
US Counties and Presidential Voting Dataset
Sampling Unit county 3141 observations and 19 variables, maximum # NAs:2956 Name county -- County state -- State msa -- Metropolitan Statistical Area pmsa -- Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area pop.density -- 1992 pop per 1990 miles^2 pop -- 1990 population pop.change -- Percent population change 1980-1992 age6574 -- Percent age 65-74, 1990 age75 -- Percent age >= 75, 1990 crime -- serious crimes per 100,000 1991 college -- Percent with bachelor's degree or higher of those age>=25 income -- median family income, 1989 dollars farm -- farm population, % of total, 1990 democrat -- Percent votes cast for democratic president republican -- Percent votes cast for republican president Perot -- Percent votes cast for Ross Perot white -- Percent white, 1990 black -- Percent black, 1990 turnout -- 1992 votes for president / 1990 pop x 100
craig_slinkmanApr 12, 2011755KB2088
Major League Players Elected to Hall of Fame as Players
Includes 2018 BBWAA-elected inductees Chipper Jones, Vladimir Guerrero, Jim Thome, and Trevor Hoffman and Veterans Committee-elected inductees Jack Morris and Alan Trammell. 31 variables for each player. Team=primary team; BBWAA=Baseball Writers Association of America; Bat: R=right, L=left, B=both; WAR=Wins Against Replacement: number of wins the player added to the team above what an "average" replacement player would add. CS=caught stealing. OPS=On-base Plus Slugging; as a rule of thumb, a "good" OPS is a value that when divided by 3 results in a value that would be considered a "good" batting average. Other variables are hopefully self-explanatory.
treilandFeb 4, 201836KB4672
Oscar nominations
The data set contains the year, category, nominee and whether they won for all academy award nominations from 1927 through 2006. A good exercise is to use StatCrunch to compute the number of nominations for each actress in the ACTRESS (all caps) category along with the first and last year they were nominated.
websterwestMar 10, 2008450KB2770

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