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Duration (in minutes) of use of bicycles in Los Angeles area during the fourth quarter of 2018.
msullivan13803Jan 22, 20192MB132
Price movement in Johnson&Johnson stock for five years of trading Jan. 2015 thru Jan 2019.
msullivan13803Jan 24, 20195KB75
Animal Bites
In the United States, animal bites are often reported to law enforcement (such as animal control). The main concern with an animal bite is that the animal may be rabid. This dataset includes information on over 9,000 animal bites which occurred near Louisville, Kentucky from 1985 to 2017 and includes information on whether the animal was quarantined after the bite occurred and whether that animal was rabid. Attributes of animal bite incidents reported to and investigated by Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness. Personal/identifying data has been removed. This dataset is a single .csv with the following fields. bite_date: The date the bite occurred SpeciesIDDesc: The species of animal that did the biting BreedIDDesc: Breed (if known) GenderIDDesc: Gender (of the animal) color: color of the animal vaccination_yrs: how many years had passed since the last vaccination vaccination_date: the date of the last vaccination victim_zip: the zipcode of the victim AdvIssuedYNDesc: whether advice was issued WhereBittenIDDesc: Where on the body the victim was bitten quarantine_date: whether the animal was quarantined DispositionIDDesc: whether the animal was released from quarantine head_sent_date: the date the animal’s head was sent to the lab release_date: the date the animal was released ResultsIDDesc: results from lab tests (for rabies)
brmorganteJan 15, 2019940KB350
hand span
This data was measured in cm. Make a Frequency Distribution and a Relative Frequency Distribution Table. This will be due on Wednesday 01/30/2019.
thoganJan 21, 201964B107
Graduate Admissions
The dataset contains several parameters which are considered important during the application for Masters Programs. The parameters included are : 1. GRE Scores ( out of 340 ) 2. TOEFL Scores ( out of 120 ) 3. University Rating ( out of 5 ) 4. Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendation Strength ( out of 5 ) 5. Undergraduate GPA ( out of 10 ) 6. Research Experience ( either 0 or 1 ) 7. Chance of Admit ( ranging from 0 to 1 )
brmorganteJan 15, 201912KB370
Trip time (in seconds); Total fare (in dollars); and payment method of ALL taxi rides in the City of Chicago for July 25, 2017. Source:
msullivan13803Jan 15, 2019528KB207
This data represent the distance (in feet) all home runs hit during the 2018 Major League baseball season traveled. The home run had to be traditional (that is, cross over the outfield fence on a fly). The source of this data is StatCast at
msullivan13803Jan 15, 2019116KB244
Match each set of sample data with the larger data set from which it was selected.
statklassJan 17, 201972KB81
Tour de France GC Data, 1903-2018
List of all Tour de France general classification winners, including distance, winning time, average speed, winning margin, and more. Sources: 1903-2017 data on pp110-112 2018 data 1903-201 1903-2018 data on victory margin, stage wins, stages in lead, other titles
len.cabreraJan 10, 201914KB129
Class #2: Data Collection Each student is to utilize the random assignment for aisle, bookcase and book number for Lesson 2 Data Collection activity. If a student does not find their name, contact the instructor for an assignment (Student #).
leav1525Jan 15, 2019874B16
Year of 800 pennies from a local bank, sampled in 2011 (which is why frequency for 2011 is low).
anderson_instructorOct 29, 20184KB1408
Class Seating vs Grade
From Body Image Data Set: "A student survey was conducted at a major university. Data were collected from a random sample of 239 undergraduate students". Variables: Gender - Male or Female, GPA - Student's cumulative college GPA. GPA is then converted to Grades (where, 4.33 = A+, 4.00 = A, 3.67 = A-, 3.33 = B+, 3.00 = B, 2.67 = B-, 2.33 = C+, 2.00 = C, 1.67 = C-). Seat - Typical classroom seat location (Front & Back)
mallirhea86Oct 26, 20182KB2633
2018 Senate Elections
This data represents the presidential approval rating in November 2018 along with the percent of vote cast for the Democratic candidate for Senate in the state. Source: Morning Consult and The Washington Post
msullivan13803Jan 4, 2019485B107
McKenna Morrissey: Depression and the Internet
This study was done to figure if spending more time on the internet causes depression. This data set includes hours spent on the internet per week, depression before, and after, gender, race, age, household income, and household size. (
mckenrmOct 24, 20189KB929
Running Speed
a study of how gender, age, and weight affect running speed
ans050Dec 3, 2018551B566

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