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Lab 4 Data
Poverty rate and 15-17 Birth rate by state
burgin.billMay 22, 20191.014B23
Lab 7 Data
This data was complied by Professor T. Reiland of North Carolina State University.
burgin.billMay 22, 20195KB7
Project 2 Do you smoke, female v male
Stats 227 Spring 2019 Los Angeles Mission College
mariselac54May 20, 2019511B148
LargePizza Prices
First thirty orders for Large deep dish pizzas on May 3rd.
iheinrich391May 9, 2019395B260
Crime in the United States 2017
Number of crimes committed in the united states by using different weapons
monaco1996May 2, 20192KB465
under 21 fatal accidents
As part of a study on transportation safety, the USDOT collected data on the number of fatal accidents per 1000 licenses and the percentage of licensed drivers under the age of 21 in a sample of 25 cities. Data was collected over a one-year period.
m.smith96May 6, 2019286B308
Golden State Warriors 2016/2017 selected stats for Midterm 3
Selected per game averages for the 14 members of the Golden State Warriors who played the most games in the 2016/2017 regular season.
PTS = average points per game
FGM = average field goals made per game
FGA = average field goals attempted per game
3PM = average 3-point shots made per game
3PA = average 3-point shots attempted per game
FTM = average free throws made per game
FTA = average free throws attempted per game
profnoraApr 15, 2019659B805
Q1. Based on a recent study, roughly 80% of college students in the U.S. own a cell phone. Do the data provide evidence that the proportion of students who own cell phones in this university is lower than the national figure? Answer. Most likely not. Ownership of cellphones and ratios do not depend on anything. Relevant Variables - The cell is the relevant variable and it is categorical. Analyze Data - The formal analysis of Q1 will pinpoint on searching the population proportion. The correct statistical test is the one sample z-test for the proportion. Null Hypothesis - Ho: p = 8 Alternative Hypothesis - Ha: p < .8 Outcomes: Cell Success: yes Test stat z = -.71, p-value is .239 > .05, so Ho cannot be rejected. Roughly 78% of the students sampled own a cellphone. Even though 78% percent is less than 80%, there is not enough support to conclude that the exact data holds right for the whole college or that it would be different from the national proportion.
faithnwanneMay 3, 20198KB380
Post-Secondary Employment Outcomes - Hinkley
Post secondary employment outcomes for the university of wisconsin-madison.
khinkley912May 8, 2019228KB101
NFL WR Stats 2018-2019
NFL Wide Receiver stats from the 2018-2019 season
keithfranklin3May 7, 20192KB152
New cases for selected cancers by state, US, 2018
Estimated number of new cases for selected cancers by state, US 2018 Selected cancers include Female breast, Uterine cervix,Colon & rectum, Uterine corpus Leukemia, Lung & bronchus, Melanoma of the skin, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, Prostate and Urinary bladder.
ebeltran1989May 4, 2019898B120
Chirping Cricket Data for S. Lohse
Shared from set 15_ct_5 owned by StatCrunch. Original Source: George W. Pierce. The Songs of Insects. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1949, pp.12-21
slohse9395Mar 27, 2019197B1189
Survey Title: Working Women: Work & Sleep Focus group: Working women. Purpose: To correlate the amount of sleep working women obtain, and level of refreshment) to the amount of hours worked, per week. Data collection method: Social media, in person, telephone, electronic texting, e-mail, and telephonic. Appendix: Contains raw data collected, per contributing person
lorriefrenchMar 28, 20194KB835
Political Breakdown Grouped by Gender
Political Breakdown Grouped by Gender for my Fall 2011 class
ap10427May 1, 20194KB133
Major League Players Elected to Hall of Fame as Players
Includes 2019 BBWAA-elected inductees Mariano Rivera, Edgar Martinez, Roy Halladay, and Mike Mussina. 31 variables for each player. Team=primary team; BBWAA=Baseball Writers Association of America; Bat: R=right, L=left, B=both; WAR=Wins Against Replacement: number of wins the player added to the team above what an "average" replacement player would add. CS=caught stealing. OPS=On-base Plus Slugging; as a rule of thumb, a "good" OPS is a value that when divided by 3 results in a value that would be considered a "good" batting average. Other variables are hopefully self-explanatory.
treilandJan 25, 201937KB5750

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