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Body Temperature
Data taken from the Journal of Statistics Education online data archive. That archive in turn got the data from an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. (Mackowiak, et al., "A Critical Appraisal of 98.6 Degrees F …", vol. 268, pp. 1578-80, 1992).
"Body Temp" is measured in degrees fahrenheit
"Heart rate" is the resting beats per minute
statcrunch_featuredJun 27, 20172KB11805
Overwatch Statcrunch.xlsx
Played as the character Zenyatta in sixty matches of Overwatch.
chaseg71Nov 24, 201831KB200
STA Survey results pt 1
Y, X1, X2 , and X3 are our variables and columns we are using.
giodiaz19Nov 20, 2018230KB125
Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Fossil Fuel Burning in Top Ten Countries, 1950-2013
Notes: Data exclude emissions from cement production and gas flaring. Emissions figures are in million tons of carbon. For tons of CO2, multiply by 44/12. This data was collected through various analysis and statistical centers and then compiled together for side by side scrutiny.
mortensennNov 20, 2018989B142
Year of 800 pennies from a local bank, sampled in 2011 (which is why frequency for 2011 is low).
anderson_instructorOct 29, 20184KB1389
Class Seating vs Grade
From Body Image Data Set: "A student survey was conducted at a major university. Data were collected from a random sample of 239 undergraduate students". Variables: Gender - Male or Female, GPA - Student's cumulative college GPA. GPA is then converted to Grades (where, 4.33 = A+, 4.00 = A, 3.67 = A-, 3.33 = B+, 3.00 = B, 2.67 = B-, 2.33 = C+, 2.00 = C, 1.67 = C-). Seat - Typical classroom seat location (Front & Back)
mallirhea86Oct 26, 20182KB2238
Soil Water Moisture (m3/m3) Project ENVS 121 Fall 2018
Soil Water Content Measured within 2 LIDS sites on CSUS Campus in Late October 2018. 10 Samples were taken from each of the top, middle, and bottom of the LIDS slope.
courtneyrohrerNov 17, 2018741B110
McKenna Morrissey: Depression and the Internet
This study was done to figure if spending more time on the internet causes depression. This data set includes hours spent on the internet per week, depression before, and after, gender, race, age, household income, and household size. (
mckenrmOct 24, 20189KB853
Responses to StatCrunch Users Survey
This data came from the following survey posted on the StatCrunch homepage during 2018:
scsurveyNov 13, 2018919KB76
Golden State Warriors 2016/2017 selected stats for Midterm 2
Selected per game averages for the 14 members of the Golden State Warriors who played the most games in the 2016/2017 regular season.
PTS = average points per game
FGM = average field goals made per game
FGA = average field goals attempted per game
3PM = average 3-point shots made per game
3PA = average 3-point shots attempted per game
FTM = average free throws made per game
FTA = average free throws attempted per game
profnoraNov 5, 2018715B342
Wait Time at Dinosaur Ride in Animal Kingdom
Wait time at Dinosaur Ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom (in minutes). Source:
msullivan13803Nov 13, 201812KB141
Happiness vs Sleep/Exercise
High School students. Sleep: average hours per night. Exercise: Average hours in typical week. Happiness: Scale 1-5 where 1 is extremely unhappy.
mastersondOct 4, 2018371B1470
Marriage vs The Economy
Comparing numbers of marriages in the last 30 years to the following factors of the economy: GDP Growth, Unemployment rate, Median Hourly Wages, and Total National Student Aid and Loans
sma25908Oct 24, 20181KB444
Ice cream-Julia Meave
Blue Bell carries many different ice cream flavors. In this data set I gave the different flavors along with the nutritional information in pint and half gallon size.
juliameavNov 8, 20181KB31
NOAA Data Set.xlsx
This data set is for use in the MAT-240 Statistics Course.
5f72120c-ca71-4ee0-8baa-a809fbfaa0b7-25171_d2l_snhumlpNov 4, 201820KB73

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