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For what survey produced it, see and inputs of all team mates. Towards the end, some validation was done, deleting data where working hours was less than a work day, or outliers to legally admissible work days. Finally arbitarily long chains which were less likely to be encountered in draws of simulated data (M/F, Degrees etc.. were discarded). A total of 12 observations were thus thrown out. All Credit goes to Team 3,the Instructor, our unnamed Friends in the Nursing profession who enthusiastically did a last minute push through over their extended social media groups for data and the respondents who kindly took out time for the survey. Another thought is about the distribution of hours worked. Wven if random, it "should be" "centered on" certain hours a day* number of days, with deviations from centre penalised, while picking a sample.. The observations 38 appear many times for example, however without an explainable reason (we are talking of work-distribution among nursing staff sample) So do "primes" "47, 37, 29" It is not to argue that they "shouldn't occur", but there has to be some reason for their being so significant/vibrant. At this stage we may conclude that most of the respondents may not have been under full-time nursing employments in strict sense of the term. 42, 48,72,60, 50,40 appearing more often would give us less variation but more regularity in the data. Since we haven't tried stratification, we do not know "how often they should occur". We thus do not re-draw observations.
ugoagwuJun 14, 20142KB1076
MLB Home Attendance vs. Runs Scored 2015
This data comes from the 2015 baseball season and tracks the number of home games, the total attendance at home games, the number of runs scored by that team, the runs scored on that team, the league they play in, and the number of wins the team recorded in the regular season.
frompearsonbooksJun 14, 20161KB2028
US Birthrates over Years
US Birthrates over the years. . Rates are per 1,000 population estimated as of July 1 for each year.
ntorno8Aug 30, 20161KB1392
Nutrition Information for French Fries
Nutrition information for french fries at fast food restaurants. Information is for a large serving. *These restaurants only offer one serving size.
petkewicAug 25, 20091KB3294
Wine and Crime
This data set contains the wine consumption (in gallons per capita) and the violent crime rate for the US from 1970 to 2004. A scatter plot of these two columns is very interesting.
websterwestFeb 29, 20081KB3582
NH Primary Data
This data set contains the number of votes received by each candidate in the New Hampshire Democratic and Republican primaries.
websterwestJan 16, 20091KB6772
Average College Graduate Debt by State
Average debt of U.S. college graduates after attending four-year (or more) institutions, broken down by state.
pixelwitSep 20, 20161.020B1580
weight of Oreo filling
The filling of original and Double Stuf oreo cookies was scraped off of the cookie and weighed. Weight is recorded in grams. Students used plastic "serrated" knives to scrape the filling from (approximately, some were eaten first) one 16 oz. container of oreos.
carolyn.k.cuffSep 18, 2013961B1420
US Emissions of Greenhouse Gases Based on Global Warming Potential 1990-2007 Energy Information Administration.xls
U.S. Emissions of Greenhouse Gases, Based on Global Warming Potential, 1990-2007 Units are Million Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent Report #: DOE/EIA-0573(2007) Released Date: December 3, 2008   Next Release Date: November 2009 P = Preliminary Note: Data in this table are revised from the data contained in the previous EIA report, Emissions of Greenhouse Gases in the United States 2006, DOE/EIA-0573(2006) (Washington, DC, November 2007). Sources: Emissions of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide EIA. Emissions of HFCs, PFCs, and SF6, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, preliminary data. Global Warming Potentials: United Nations, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Climate Change 2007 - The Physical Science Basis (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2007)
deathbysteveoMay 26, 2009813B2529
Responses to Shopping Online
A recent survey asked respondents about their online shopping habits. It asked respondents what percentage of their 2010 holiday shopping was done online. It also asked if their shopping online increased from 2009.

Check out the original survey here:

Feel free to copy it for your own use.

scsurveyJan 20, 2011710B1286
IQ Comparison
The data is about the IQ's with respect to the various occupations,and GRE Scores. The data was collected from the IQ Comparison website.The IQ's range ( i.e Lower limit and Upper limit) for various occupation was given. The mean IQ for each of the occupation was taken and was tabulated. The IQ's with respect to the GRE scores was also tabulated.
patel.sunilNov 28, 2008664B1025
Diamond Ring Prices.xls
The source of the data is a full page advertisement placed in the Straits Times newspaper issue of February 29, 1992, by a Singapore-based retailer of diamond jewelry. The advertisement contained pictures of diamond rings and listed their prices, diamond content, and gold purity. Only 20K ladies' rings, each mounted with a single diamond stone, were considered for this study. 20K rings are made with gold of 20 carat purity. (Pure gold is rated as 24K.) There were 48 such rings of varying designs. The weights of the diamond stones ranged from 0.12 to 0.35 carats (a one carat diamond stone weighs 0.2 gram) and were priced between $223 and $1086. The jewelry store adopted a fixed-price policy. How Is Jewelry Priced? In Singapore, the pricing of gold jewelry is simple. The price equals the current market value of the gold content (i.e., weight times the going rate per gram of gold) plus a craftsmanship fee. However, the pricing of other jewelry like diamond rings is more complicated because they are not as standardized as gold jewelry. The price of diamond jewelry depends on the four C's: caratage, cut, colour, and clarity of the diamond stone. A good cut gives a diamond more sparkle. Colourless diamonds are the most prized. A flawless diamond has maximum clarity because the passage of light is unimpeded through the stone. Cut, colour, and clarity are subjective factors and are very hard for the layman to gauge.
craig_slinkmanApr 22, 2010586B2747
Acid rain data
The EPA states that any area where the pH of rain is less than 5.6 on average has an acid rain problem. The pH values collected over 90 rain falls at Shenandoah National Park are given in this data set.
websterwestJul 12, 2007564B1800
American Vacation Stops
This Pareto graph shows the top vacations spots surveyed from a sample of 3000 people. I used a Pareto because a pie chart does not disciminate the close percentages enough to accurately read the data. The data is categorical because the variables can only be measured in categories The graph illustrates people's choice vacation stop by starting from the America destinations with the highest preference to the lowest. I'm not exactly sure how accurate this data due to the fact that I am unaware of the sample that was surveyed. The link to both the Pareto graph and the pie chart are below (Pareto graph) (Pie Chart)
astra028May 5, 2013431B1311
Deflategate data
After the AFC championship game on January 18th, 2015, there was a controversy about whether the New England Patriots might have deflated their footballs during the game to gain an advantage. During the game with the Indianapolis Colts, two officials, Blakeman and Prioleau, measured the PSI in 11 balls from the Patriots and 4 balls from the Colts. These measurements are included in this data set. The Patriots balls are labeled with a "P" prefix, and the Colts balls are labeled with a "C" prefix. The official rules of the National Football League require footballs to be inflated to between 12.5 and 13.5 PSI. Does this data set support the deflation claim?
websterwestMay 8, 2015375B1769

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