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Guatemalan Family Planning Data v2
BEST TO USE THIS VERSION BECAUSE SOME PROBLEMS HAVE BEEN FIXED. DO NOT CHOOSE - IT HAS TOO MANY CATEGORIES. This demographic and family planning data was collected by University of Maine at Farmington students in Comalapa, Guatemala in 2007 in partnership with Women’s International Network for Guatemalan Solutions (WINGS). WINGS is non-governmental organization whose mission is to create opportunities for Guatemalan families to improve their lives through family planning education and access to reproductive health services. Demographic data: gender,, civil.status, (occupation place), occ.type (occupation type), edu (education), religion, numchildren, pregtimes (pregnancy times – numeric), (pregnancy times – categorical ),Amenities: car,television,phone,bicycle, Sexual Activity: firstsex (age of first sexual experience – numeric), of first sexual experience – categorical) , everbeenpregnant, fagefirstpreg (age at first pregnancy, females only), mageatfirstchild (age at first child, males only), current.partner, Birth Control Method Awareness: awarebirthcontrol, awareCondoms, awareFemalesterilization, awareMalesterilization, awarePill, awareIUD, awareInjection, awareRhythm, agefirstlearn (age when first learned about birth control), Birth Control Information Obtained from: Healthpromoter, School, Media, Other.obtained (information obtained from another source), Birth Control Usage: everusedbirthcontrol, currusingbirthcontrol, Other Family Planning Data: comfortable (comfortable visiting family planning clinic) , delaying (opinion on delaying a first pregnancy) , spacing.pregnancies (opinion on spacing pregnancies), howlongwaitbetween (how long would they like to wait between pregnancies), limiting (opinion on limiting family size), howmanychildren (how many children would they like to have), pregplans12 (plan to become pregnant within the next 12 months).
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