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2018 Attainment Bachelor Population
Generated May 19, 2019 by fangl890

This report will focus on the data below, which was collected via US Census survey about Bachelor attainment population in 2018.

I am really interest to the population of attainment for bachelor degree as a mother of three children. That's why I choose this title.

I first run summary statistics to see the population of attaining college for bachelor degree's populations and obtained the following results summary statistics:

Summary statistics:


ColumnnMeanVarianceStd. dev.Std. err.MedianRangeMinMaxQ1Q3IQRCoef. of var.Mode
Bachelor pupulation 42 7192.619 1.3763744e8 11731.899 1810.2712 2748.5 50257 1149 51406 2062 4658 2596 163.11024 No mode

The average number of attaining college for bachelor degree's population in 2018 was 7199 thousands of people. The median number was 2749 thousands of people and it was a big range pupulation 50257 thousands of people attained for bachelor degree in 2018. There was no mode number in this case. The variation was 1.377. The standard deviation was 11731 thousands of populaitons. The lease value was 1149 thousands of people for the bachelor degree. The greatest value, excluding outliers was 51405 thousands of people attain college for the bachelor degree. The IQR was 2596 thousands of people was in the range of the middle 50% of this observation. Because in the age group range from 18 years and over, and 18 years - 25 years are too large of population. you can see those are the outliers in the boxplot. In the boxplot, the first quartile was 2062 thousands of people to attain college for bachelor degree. And the third quartile was 4658 thousands of people which means more than 25% of 4658 thousands of people attaining the college for bachelor degree. 

I removed those outliers in the boxplot, and rerun the summary data:


 Summary statistics:

ColumnnMeanVarianceStd. dev.Std. err.MedianRangeMinMaxQ1Q3ModeIQRSumCoef. of var.
Bachelor population 33 2579.6667 1001104.5 1000.5521 174.17377 2423 3576 1149 4725 1892 3080 No mode 1188 85129 38.786101

The average people to attain the college for bachelor degree was 2579 thousands of people in 2018. There's no mode in this case. The variance was 1001104.5. This is a big change compare with the statistics with the outliers. The standard deviation was 1001. The range number was 3576 thousands of people. The minimum number was 1149 thousands of people. The maximum number was 4725 thousands of people.

I learn from analyzing this data that it really doesn't matter with your age to go to college to earn a bachelor degree even though it's less population while the age are older. People will still go to college for a bachelor degree when they are 70 years and over.

The Boxplot shows:


Result 1: 2018 Education Attainment of the Population 18 Years & Over   [Info]
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Result 2: After Remove Outliers/Boxplot   [Info]
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