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Yarborough, Tina, Lab 2
Generated Feb 6, 2019 by tyarborough

A. Seperating the 73 participants into 4 groups, Group #1 has 18 participants from Valdizon ID #35 to Yassuiae ID #37, Group 2 has 18 participants from Rocha ID #66 to Fontana ID #46, Group 3 has 18 participants from Romo ID #32 to Camarillo ID #9, Group 4 has 19 participants from Torres ID # 34 to Delgado ID #12. 

B. To arive at which random participant went into which group I used the original student list with corresponding ID #. I then created another column next to the list seperating the 4 groups. The first 18 are Group 1, next 18 Group 2, next 18 Group 3, and the final 19 were Group 4. I then created another column next to that group list. I then used my TI-84 calculator's randint function. I chose the number 627 as the seed and input it into the calculator. I then repeated and used the resulting numbers for each group. When a repeating number occurred I would skip until a number between 0-73 would appear that was not used yet.