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Wesley, Bianca Lab 2
Generated Feb 3, 2019 by bwesley

I did a radomize secarch of my classmates and these are the groups i got. Group 1 has 18 classmates in the first one starts with #37 Yassuiae and ends with #1 Alvarado. Group 2 has 18 classmates as well, It starts with #25 Huizar and ends with #71 Vela. Group 3 has 18 classmates and starts with #58 Martinez and ends with  #3 Aparicio. The Last group, Group 4 has 19 people it starts with #59 Mejia and ends with #57 Maciel. I decided to involve my family to do the randomize treatments. I made 4 sticks and wrote numbers on them. I put them in a cup and had every single one of my family memebers pick one. I first mixed up the sticks in the cup without them looking and they picked one. For group 1 my mother picked treament 2. My second group my father picked treatment 3. The third Group my grandfather picked Treatment 1. Last Group, group 4 my grandmother picked the last stick which was treatment 4. 

Group 1 gets Treatment 2

Group 2 gets Treatment 3

Group 3 gets Treatment 1

Group 4 gets Treatment 4