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Cereal Data - Ampponsah Mod 4
Generated Feb 3, 2019 by harriet.apponsah

This analysis was conducted on several brands of cereal produced by different or the same maufacturers base on the amount of calories perserving. 

From the attached graph, 29 companies out of 77 had cereals mostly with 110 calories per serving. The range of calories per serving fro the 77 companies were from 50 to 160. The green and red lines both indicate where the median and mean are located on the graph.

About 38% of the companes in the data produced cereal with 110 calories per serving for both children and adults. This results indicate that for a manufacturer to earn more profit, they should consider producing cereal that has a 110 calorie since it satisfy the both the adult and child population.

Result 1: Histogram Ampponsah Mod 4   [Info]
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Result 2: Histogram- Relative Frequency   [Info]
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