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Flores, Alexandria, Lab 3.
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1. Tell whch graph for homework you found the most useful. Why? Address each graph and indicate what you found useful or lacking in each one. 

I found the histogram to be most useful because it helps me to see what the amounts are grouped together. The stem and leaf plot takes a few minutes to understand and is not fast to understand. The dotplot is easiest to see the outliers. The boxplots are helpful to understand the big groups. 


2. What is the shape of the histogram? Is the shape something you expected (or would expect) for homework grades, why or why not? Do you think every college class has the same type of distribution? Why or why not?

The shape of the histogram is skewed left. Yes the shape is something I would expect because the homework scores seem to be higher grades then lower because most do homework to practice for the test. No I don't think that every class has the same distribution because not eveyone cares about the homework scores or wants the practice.

4. Lastly,, calculate your Z-score for the homework. You may use your current average homework score, as currently listed in MyStatLab. Type the full calculation, with the values you used, for full credit. ANY answer wihtout work shown will recieve partial credit, at best. 

z-score= (97-87.79)/12.84= .7173

My homework score is 97 and the mean is 87.79. 

5. Refer to z-score calculated in #4: What does your z-score mean? Are you satisfied with your z-score? Why or why not? 

My z-score means that I am .7173 sd above the mean, I am very satisfied with my z-score because it is above the mean and a good score. 

Result 1: Histogram   [Info]
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Result 2: Stem and Leaf Plot, Flores, Alexandria, Lab 3   [Info]
Variable: Homework

Decimal point is 1 digit(s) to the right of the colon.
Leaf unit = 1
 5 : 2
 5 : 7
 6 : 2
 6 : 68
 7 : 4
 7 : 78
 8 : 
 8 : 6667799
 9 : 023344
 9 : 56666678888899
10 : 0

Result 3: Dotplot, Flores, Alexandria, Lab 3   [Info]
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Result 4: Boxplot, Flores, Alexandria, Lab 3   [Info]
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Result 5: Summary Stats, Flores, Alexandria, Lab 3   [Info]
Summary statistics:
ColumnnMinQ1MedianQ3MaxIQRMeanStd. dev.