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Decker, Matthew, Lab 5
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1. My research question is "Are homework averages correlated to how well we do on the Final exam?"

2.Explanatory Variable: homework averages, Response Variable: Final Exam

3. If the correlation coefficient is close to one, we have a high chance of acurately predicting future points and values. If it is close to 0 then there is not a strong correlation at all. Positive correlation occures with we have a strong positive value for r if it is negative we have a Negative correlation and the slope goes down instead of up. 

4. r=0.7318607; There is not a very strong correlation. It is a positive correlation but not with a high degree of acuracy. It is not a dependable comparison.

5. Lurking variables may be, extra time studying, extra credit, missed homework assignments, incomplete homework assignments.

Result 1: Scatter Plot   [Info]
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Result 2: Correlation   [Info]
Correlation between HW Average and Final Exam is: