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Lab #2 Graphing and Summary Sets
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1) I found that the stem and leaf plot was the most usefull for this data set. This is because it shows all othe the percentages, and you are not left to guess what they are. The historgram would be the secound best one, if you needed to reference it is another way. The only thing that I do not like about it, is that it simply gives a range of pertences and not actual values. With the dot plot and the box plot there is a range in the percentages and not actual percents there for you can not make an acurate anaylis with the data presented this way. 


2) The historgam is skewed left. I would expect this from the class. There are alot of students that find doing the homework well helps with the final grade in the class. The few grades that are on the lower level is also as to be expected. This is more then likely the shape of most grades in college classes, because if you do not do the homework then you do not know the matterial then pushing other grades such as test and quizes down and eventally ending in failure of the class. 



Mean= 82.80       


Observed= 167



84.20/ 25.21=3.34


5)My z score means that I miss 3 points on every homework assignment. I am not okay with this score. I wish that it was lower. 

Result 1: Histogram   [Info]
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Result 2: Stem and Leaf Plot   [Info]
Variable: Homework

Decimal point is 1 digit(s) to the right of the colon.
Leaf unit = 1
 0 : 8
 1 : 3
 1 : 
 2 : 
 2 : 
 3 : 
 3 : 
 4 : 
 4 : 
 5 : 1
 5 : 
 6 : 4
 6 : 
 7 : 34
 7 : 
 8 : 02222
 8 : 6999
 9 : 02344
 9 : 67888899
10 : 000000

Result 3: Dotplot   [Info]
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Result 4: Summary Stats   [Info]
Summary statistics:
ColumnnMinQ1MedianQ3MaxIQRMeanStd. dev.

Result 5: Boxplot   [Info]
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