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Top 30 MLB vs NBA Player Salaries (Reshared)
Generated Oct 26, 2016 by matthewwellendorf

Matthew Wellendorf Period 3

The MLB and NBA are among a few of the most invested sports leagues in the world and in consequent lets team owners the ability to provide large salaries to their players but among the top 30 NBA and MLB players which league has the highest average player salary?

Center- The MLB has a slightly higher center compared to the NBA as its median is $22,625,000 while the NBA has a median of $21,165,676.


Spread- The MLB has a larger range compared with the NBA of $14,371,428 compared with the NBAs $13,817,612 although a smaller interquartile range of $3,500,000 compared witht the NBAs of $4,700,000.


Shape- The MLB and NBA salaries are both skewed right with the MLB having higher outliers compared with the NBA.


The biggest thing I learned is compared with the top 30 players of the NBA and MLB the MLB has higher paid players and an average higher salary. The question of inquiry was answered as the MLB has a higher average player salary compared with the NBA. There are no sources of bias in the data as postseason salary bonuses aren't included for MLB and both contain each leagues top 30 players.









Result 1: Boxplot NBA vs MLB Top Salaries   [Info]
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Result 3: Summary Stats NBA vs MLB Top 30 Salaries   [Info]
Summary statistics:
ColumnnMeanVarianceStd. dev.Std. err.MedianRangeMinMaxQ1Q3
Top 30 MLB Salaries30240654791.4155202e133762340686906.16226250001437142820200000345714282150000025000000
Top 30 NBA Salaries30214824551.0728362e133275417.9598006.76211656751381761217145838309634501850000023200000