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1-3 tracheal resection
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The age of the patient did not seem to directly contribute to the mortality rate of this procedure.

The highest incidence of fatal outcomes is when the resection was 4 cm in length. However, larger areas of resection, did not appear to have a higher risk of death.

The P Value is greater than 0.05, meaning there is no statistical significance regarding death respective to prior surgery or not prior surgery.

Result 1: trachea Boxplot   [Info]
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Result 2: Tracheal resection Bar Plot With Data   [Info]
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Result 3: tracheal resection Two Sample Proportions   [Info]
Hypothesis test results:
p1 : Proportion of successes (Success = Yes) for Death where "Prior Surgery"=Yes
p2 : Proportion of successes (Success = Yes) for Death where "Prior Surgery"=No
p1 - p2 : Difference in proportions
H0 : p1 - p2 = 0
HA : p1 - p2 ≠ 0
DifferenceCount1Total1Count2Total2Sample Diff.Std. Err.Z-StatP-value
p1 - p2634111010.0675596970.0657806921.02704450.3044