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Stat Crunch Project 4 (Erika Garza)
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Erika Garza

My report is on 10 different salaries of Registered Nurses.

The goal of this project is to show a building confidence interval, to learn the bootstrapping method, the different percentiles, and to understand histogram of the data.

This data was collected from The salary is made in thosands.<data1>

The histogram is bell shaped which means it is normal. <result1>

Below is the raw data of the mean and standard deviation. <result2>

Below is the bootstrap sample. When comparing the raw data with the bootstrap data the mean and standard deviation are similar. <result3>

 Below the data shows the 2.5 percentile and 97.5 percentile.<result4>

 The 2.5 percentile and 97.5 percentile are similar to the upper and lower bound. They are very close. <result5>

The following simulation shows 1,000 repetitions of the bootstrap.<result6>


Result 1: Histogram project 4   [Info]
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Result 2: Column Statistics-mean (1st one)   [Info]
Summary statistics:
Column n Mean Std. Dev.
Mean 1000 87.2869 5.430502

Result 3: Column Statistics-mean (2nd one)   [Info]
Summary statistics:
Column n Mean Std. Dev. Std. Err.
Salary 10 87.4 18.337576 5.7988505

Result 4: Column Statistics-percentile 2.5-97.5   [Info]
Summary statistics:
Column 2.5th Per. 97.5th Per.
Mean 78.6 99.65

Result 5: One sample T statistics with data 95%   [Info]
95% confidence interval results:
μ : mean of Variable
Variable Sample Mean Std. Err. DF L. Limit U. Limit
Salary 87.4 5.7988505 9 74.28209 100.517914

Result 6: Bootstrap a statistic project 4   [Info]