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About groups
StatCrunch Groups allow users to form clusters around common interests and share data sets, results and reports within the group. As an example, students taking the same statistics course might form a group.

A group can also be used to collect content focused on a specific topic. For example, a single user might want to create a group featuring a number of data sets and analysis results on a specific topic such as sports or politics.

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StatCrunch Groups
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Name/Description Administrator Created Members
BUS 240 Fall 2019voxoverNov 27, 20192
What does the amount of units take affect GPA?
Yuji, Yuka, Tate, Gabrial, Jerry
yuuji27Nov 27, 20191
Ya Boi's Group49008204_ecollege_chatmlpNov 26, 20193
Marina Sustaita, Damien Escarsega, Isaiah Zamora
Lucky Charms Goodness of Fit test
msus4015Nov 21, 20191
Honors Math Project 153053946992_ecollege_chatmlpNov 21, 20194
Group project
Does the relationship affect on student's GPA? The number of population: 100 students in Grossmont college. Each person is asked by specific 5-7 questions (variables) about age, gender, major, relationship, time at school and so on.
oliviatran0908Nov 21, 20191
STAT100sixertrisherNov 20, 20195
Heywood Stats Project
Correlation between students GPA and where they sit in class
burkebardonnexNov 19, 20193
Project 2aligraham1234Nov 18, 20191
Projectaligraham1234Nov 18, 20193
Final Project jaidenfreitasNov 13, 20192
Pedersen- Linear Correlation #3f768997ea8b4f2048c98242161c14868c5cbd738_canvas_utamlpNov 11, 20193
homework group chatjillianfortnerNov 8, 20191
CC MAT 130lucas.hootsNov 8, 201937
Test Demo Group
Test Test Test Demo
michael.zagamiNov 7, 20191

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