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Created: Nov 21, 2019
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Does the relationship affect on student's GPA? The number of population: 100 students in Grossmont college. Each person is asked by specific 5-7 questions (variables) about age, gender, major, relationship, time at school and so on.

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Does the relationship affect on student's GPA? ( Uyen, Rena, Galen, John)oliviatran0908Dec 4, 20194KB178
“Does coffee affect grades” by Karen Celis, Camila Cornejo, Alivia Taylor, and Esmeralda Delgado
We conducted a survey through An Instagram poll. We collected data from the first 60 people in various colleges. We are aware this is a convinience sample
oliviatran0908Nov 21, 2019222B12

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Does the relationship affect on student's GPA?oliviatran0908Nov 21, 2019closed0

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