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Admin: smccourt02720
Created: Sep 4, 2019
Members: 7
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MTH119 Bristol Fall 2019

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Data Set/Description Owner Last edited Size Views
Sullivan 3.5 Boxplot Bank Interestsmccourt02720Sep 14, 201982B3
sullivan 3.4 BYU speedsmccourt02720Sep 14, 201968B1
Grouped data NSSE 2007 Sullivan 3.3
sullivan data for national survey of student engagement NSSE 2007 from section 3.3 fundamentals of Statistics
smccourt02720Sep 14, 2019119B7
Serum HDL Cholesterol of the 54 Female Patients of a Family Doctor sullivan 3.2.4
for powerpoint and textbook
smccourt02720Sep 14, 2019246B0
start up timessmccourt02720Sep 14, 201973B1

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