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Admin: kstrazze
Created: Aug 19, 2019
Members: 96
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Strazzeri's STAT 250-DL2 Fall 2019 StatCrunch Group

Group description

This is the STAT 250 StatCrunch Group for Dr. Strazzeri's Fall 2019 distance learning section DL2. Please only join this group if you are registered for this section. This is where you will find all course data sets and surveys. Please request to join this group and, in the comments section, enter your first and last name and your section number (DL2) so I can check that you are on the DL2 course roster. PLEASE NOTE, this group site only displays five data sets on the front page. To access all data sets, please click "X Data Sets" link to the right of "Showing 1 to 5 of "X Data Sets."

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