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Admin: andrewcarr
Created: Jul 14, 2019
Members: 4
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MAT 119-01 Fall 2019

Data sets preview
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Data Set/Description Owner Last edited Size Views
Length of Old Faithful EruptionsandrewcarrSep 18, 2019223B38
Responses to Student Survey MAT 119 - 01 (FL 19)andrewcarrSep 11, 20191KB3
Weight of PenniesandrewcarrNov 8, 2018122B89
MAT 120 SP15 Exam ScoresandrewcarrSep 13, 2018781B155
Age of Mothers at Time of First BirthandrewcarrSep 10, 2018153B49

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Survey/Description Owner Created Status Responses
Student Survey Data MAT 119 - 01 (FL 19)
This project is to collect data about our class, which will be analyzed in Project 2. Please submit the answers you obtained from your PARTNER in class; however, please enter YOUR name for the first question If you do not complete this survey, then you will not be allowed to complete Project 2, resulting in a grade of 0. Before I post the survey results to the class, all names will be omitted. I only ask you to provide YOUR name so I can give a grade for Project 1. You must complete this survey on or before Friday, August 23. No exceptions!
andrewcarrAug 14, 2019open22

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