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Admin: cwillits
Created: Dec 5, 2018
Members: 75
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GCC MTH 245 Dr. Willits - Homework Data Sets

Group description

Germanna Community College - data sets used in Dr. Willits' MTH 245 sections. This library contains data sets used in assigned homework problems. For data sets used during class, please go to the following group: GCC MTH 245 Dr. Willits - In-Class Data Sets

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Data Set/Description Owner Last edited Size Views
HW 10.1-10.3 All Questions.xlsxcwillitsMar 22, 2019461B157
HW 11.1 Question 2.xlsxcwillitsApr 2, 2019103B38
HW 11.1 Question 5.xlsxcwillitsApr 2, 2019160B37
HW 11.1 Question 8.xlsxcwillitsApr 2, 2019105B31
HW 11.3 Question 3.xlsxcwillitsApr 4, 2019204B55

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Influence in regressionzgr71896May 7, 2019174B3

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